Entertainment: Axes and spears were extremely effective even as far back as 1982 in Hyboria

For the nostalgic barbarians among us and to lift our spirits a little in general: Long before Conan Exiles, in 1982, axes and spears or pikes were the most popular and effective weapons among us hyborian protagonists - whether in PvP or PvEC or during a purge.

By Crom! Here’s the proof! :innocent:


Back in 1982, people fighting on foot didn’t complain about horses being OP either. They used terrain and good teamwork to beat their mounted enemies.


They also used beer bottles

Back then, in 1982, in addition to smoking, a diet consisting mainly of meat, defamation of other religions at the evening campfire, and chewing black lotus were socially acceptable. That is to say nobody was seriously outraged about it and if they were then they were you solved that somehow … more directly. Damn, this barbaric age somehow had a different zeitgeist. :sweat_smile:

One more thing that comes to mind: Why can’t I directly consume black lotus with my character in Conan Exiles? :thinking:

An interesting detail that caught my attention there: Subotai actually carries his bow in his hand while running around. Not on his back with the string diagonally across his chest, as we often see in movies and fantasy art.

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