Horses should be for travel first, combat a distant second

Conan fought with his feet on the ground.

Historically fighting alone on horseback against an opponent on foot was actually a disadvantage. However in the current game a man on horseback is a heat seeking missile.

Hyboria isn’t about knights. The universe isn’t supposed to be the middle ages with jousts. Immersion please.


I’m not sure if poitain was made by Howard, but it is part of the hyborian world, and it has knights and chivarly.

It breaks immersion for me too, but is already there since who knows…

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Poitain is indeed a Howard creation, and his stories were rife with examples of mounted combat.

Did Conan personally ever fight on horseback? I don’t recall any specific examples from the stories but he spent enough time in mercenary companies that it’s a safe bet that he did. But even if he didn’t, a lot of other people did during the Hyborian Age, and we’re not playing as Conan anyway.

Footmen vs Horsemen



I hear ya. I guess my question is what do we want the style of battle to be…on foot or on horse? Currently, I’d say horse has a distinct advantage and that doesnt strike me as true to the spirit of the Conan.

Great clip btw Rino

Anyway, I have always fought on horseback but since 2.4 I fight more than foot, and it is not because the horse is nerfed (they can continue to be used perfectly) but because now the fighting on foot seems more fun than it used to be. I’ve even fought people on horseback on foot (obviously on good terrain).

Notice he doesnt have a spear though…

Had ambrosia stayed as a heal and animation cancelling remained via unwield/wield. The horse nerfs would’ve been fine but here we are. No form of instant healing in a combat system based around instant healing and no way to get out of clunky long animations. Even rolling has a delay before you can do it during an animation.

Funcom takes 1 step forward then 7 backwards in regards for pvp combat.

Not for me. Love mounted combat getting off the horse in open terrain is immersion breaking for me.

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Laughs in steppe nomad

We have records of horse mounted combatants owning the crap out of foot-based soldiers going back to AT LEAST the Scythians in the 8th Century BC. Horse Archers were literally the dominate form of warfare from then until… wait, mounted ranged combatants? Sorry, right, they never LEFT the meta, we just replaced horses with vehicles and bows with portable cannons and machine guns.

The big issue with “realism” in Conan isn’t that mounted combatants dominate foot-based warriors, it’s that mounted archery is entirely to weak due to all the nerfs archery has been given. A skilled mounted archer (and yes, mounted archery takes skill, I’d argue it actually takes the MOST skill of any form of combat in the game, as you have no auto-lock on, you have to account for your movement and your opponent’s movement and projectile drop, etc.) should be able to kill just about any other build in PvP or dominate any encounter in PvE… provided they have room to properly manuver.

Also, the only time foot-based infantry stood a chance against ANY form of Calvery was when they were in formation fighting using pike formations. A lone warrior versus a horseman is ALWAYS at a disadvantage due to… just about everything. Anyone telling you different is just ignorant.

At the end of the day though, choosing the battleground is one of the most critical aspects of combat, and one that Conan Exiles properly reflects. People who complain about getting killed by mounted combatants in the open fields and rolling hill areas are, frankly, complaining about losing to combatants who are fighting with a MASSIVE home field advantage. You never see mounted players complaining about losing PvP fights in the narrow valleys and swampy jungle areas where they can’t maneuver their mounts, because those are regions that disfavor them and, well, when you do a lot of mounted combat (which, I would note, I do…) you quickly learn to avoid those regions or dismount to fight more effectively.


Yes but you see all of that is invalid because Conan didn’t personally ride a horse in the 1982 movie.

He rode the camel…


It depends on the site, the Parthian Empire placed more emphasis on mounted combatants due to the particularities of that region. In Europe, however, it was heavy infantry that dominated the battlefields of the ancient world (phalanx, legion …). Alexander the Great had the Hetairoi, elite cavalry, but still relied more on the infantry. Why? They had not yet invented the stirrup: a mounted combatant could not charge with the full weight of the horse without shooting out of his mount, he hits just with his arm strengh (horse damage multiplier nerf XDDD). Darío in Gaugamela precisely tried to use war chariots (with knives on the wheels) and not cavalry to charge against Alexander´s phalanx (it didn’t work out very well). Despite this, cavalry was used in the wars of the ancient world, but not as a dominant troop, at least in Europe. With the stirrup everything changed: even a formation of pikemen needed a fortified position to stop a cavalry charge (forget about the nonsense of Braveheart). In fact, in the Renaissance the pikemen did become a way of fighting against heavy cavalry in Europe, but it was thanks to firearms (like the Spanish Tercios, the arquebusiers were placed on the flanks). Shortly before, a tactic was used during the Hussite Wars that consisted of taking chariots into battle, placing them in a circle and chaining them to use it like a “small castle”, it was also effective against cavalry.

Yeah, but not a horse.

A spear should knock of the mounted opponent with immense falling damage on hit
Then the horse weapon damage could be higher again, I think

The counter play in combat isn’t really there yet in Conan Exiles

He actually did while he was looking for Thulsa Doom. He’s wearing some badass armor. It just doesnt show any fight scenes. He’s also on it when he meets the wizard.

When I read through threads like this I am happy they don’t let everyone get into a game design position.

I think, if you’re standing (or running even) in the open, against a full on calvary charge, you should, and are going to be pummelled.

As Peregry says above, gotta be aware of your surroundings. I know it’s not always possible, but try to pick terrain that favours your style of combat should you need to stand your ground and fight, but if you can’t, then good luck, god bless and don’t run in a straight line, heh

I will say this though, I agree with the travelling part. In fact, I personally think that now we have horses we should get rid of map rooms entirely.
I cant help but think they were only introduced because to begin with Funcom couldn’t make mounts ‘work’ and everyone needed a way to fast travel.
Now with mounts ‘working’ I would go as far to say that map-rooms are not only redundant, but actually kinda ruin the survival aspect of the game a bit.

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I could not have written this better myself

Horse = Transport only i stay off the Officials untill this could be a thing,

But i think we have the ods against us my friend