Horses should be for travel first, combat a distant second

What?! I strongly disagree and if the community’s revolt due to the map rooms’ recent bug is any indication, I am not the only one who disagrees. :scream:

Preach it brother! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Meh, I just think you’ve all gotten lazy. (lol)

Ditching map-rooms and utilising mounts would be much better in PvP ( uh-oh, no quick getaway with loot! Now you’re gonna have to plan your escape, as well as your attack) and PVE / RP too - (since using mounts IMO are much more ‘fluffy’ than just zipping around on a non-canon matter transporter )

Honestly, I am cool with just leaving it as it is and giving people the choice (even if I think it’s wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )

Conan is a fictional character in a fictional land. That gives the Devs a lot of leeway in deciding what they can add to the game.
I understand immersion, but where were you when they added elevators and all of the other non Howard items to the game.
If you want a good example of horsemen dominating in war, just look to the Mongols. They conquered a third of the world from horseback and were master horse archers.
Mongol tactics resembled those of the hunter, who uses speed, finesse and deception to herd his prey where he will, then kill it with as little risk to himself as possible.
Also the Huns dominated from horseback.
Should this game be based on history or fiction? I would say a little of both.
But anyone that says that someone on foot should have an advantage is simple in the head and has no clue about history.

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Warriors of any means spent great resources and invested huge amounts of time acquiring, breeding and training mounts for war. I’m guessing they had good reason. In this game, mounts also require considerable time/resource investment. I’ve been fighting on foot for around three years, I personally enjoy the horses. I guess any day now people will start complaining about rhinos as mounts. Not sure why all the people whining about “immersion” and “canon” are just fine with sabretooth pets and skeleton followers.

Just FYI, that’s a bad example. Elevators are far from a modern invention. The earliest known example was built by Archimedes sometime around 236 BC, so they fit into the Conan world just fine. Well, as long as they don’t start playing music and use buttons to select your floor anyway. :wink:

Immersion is different from canon. Immersion is that sense of leaving your world and entering the fantasy. It’s that feeling you get when you’re deeply engrossed in a good book or movie or sports and kind of forget about everything around you. It’s also been referred to as “the zone”. You just have to let go of the world around you. A lot of people who have trouble achieving it these days are the same people who can’t even manage to put down the cell phone for more than five minutes.

Canon simply refers to what’s in official lore. That’s all. If cheese was never mentioned in any of the books or comics or movies, technically cheese would not be canon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keeping exotic pets like sabertooth and such fits the theme of the conan universe, so not immersion breaking. It’s also canon, as they are mentioned in Beyond the Black River when an enemy summons some to kill Conan. Skeletons are also not immersion breaking because the universe does contain such magics. They are also canon I think. Conan did battle the undead on more than one occasion. Not to mention demons and other such creatures.

Now if those skeletons went and put on tophats and started dancing the charleston on the backs of those sabertooth, then you’ve got some immersion and canon issues.

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Just to be fair, in 236 BC they were large platforms hoisted up one or two floors, powered by large animals via ropes. What you would see in gladiator arenas to allow lions and such to come up through the floor. However, the personal elevator (like we see in our game), human-powered and counter-weighted, wasn’t invented until 2000yrs later. Used by King Louis XV in Versailles. :wink:

Fast, agile horses, light armor and great archery skills with the famous Parthian shot tactic. If they would implement Magyars (Hungarians - they are not Huns! well… it’s a bit complicated still to this day) into the game (or a modder - I don’t WANT them in the game, but will be definitely fun). I would use archery and horses as my main tactics. Especially if I could get a thrall to sit onto an other horse.

Well, the first one exclusively for people that we know of anyway. Not like there was a law that said everything previous to that were for animals and building material only.

Yep, he did. He led the mounted charge down a steep hill in Black Colossus, and also led his mounted knights as a king. (Also note that he used a two-handed sword while mounted. That’s no easy feat.) Also, as you mention, Conan spent quite some time as a mercenary, but also as a chieftain of a nomad clan (e.g. A Witch Shall Be Born), so not only did he fight while mounted, he may have practised horse archery, too. (We know Conan was a skilled archer from Queen of the Black Coast, even though he didn’t consider the bow a manly weapon.)

Mounted knights were the backbone of many national armies in the Hyborian Age. Poitainian heavy cavalry were Conan’s elite when he was king of Aquilonia, and his Nemedian adversaries heavily relied on their knights.

The biggest threat to Western Hyborian nations was Turan in the east, and Turan’s armies were mainly cavalry. Light horse archers were also deployed by many countries.

Based on original sources, I’d say cavalry and mounted combat were common in Conan’s age.


And here I was thinking mounted combat in CE was some of the finest I’ve seen since Mount&Blade, it was a positive surprise the first time I tried it out. Horses feel heavy and natural to control, combat flow is nice, lances, horseback archery becomes something new to master… I honestly thought the game would heap praise for it’s implementation of mounted combat. It is really well done in a game where I never expected it to materialise. Never would have imagined that it would generate complaints.

Just take it easy with the nerfs though… Spears and pikes as counters to cavalry is the correct solution.

What I would actually like to see now is NPC patrols on horseback in the lands surrounding main camps. Imagine getting caught on-foot in the open (without a spear) with enemy cavalry charging at you. That fear and survival instinct of the first time I started playing this game will kick right back in!


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