Epic Flawless Cimmerian Steel armor has only 1 cold star with improved workbench and Werk of the lost tribe

Hi there!
I managed to get Werk of the lost tribe, so I crafted the Epic Flawless Cimmerian Steel armor with the use of an improved workbench and Werk of the lost tribe.
I wonder why it has only one star. I think it should have at least two cold stars.
Is this intended or is it a bug?
Thx in advance!

EDIT: Unfortunately, I cannot add I screenshot here.

are you looking at one piece or a full set and are you looking at the bars on the tooltip or in your char info? you can post a link by breaking it e.g. https:// www.google. com/

This has been that way for some time. Each item has a single tick in cold protection which is the same as the regular version. It was changed some time ago can’t remember when but I know it was reported way back then as well.

They are referring to the tool tip.

Then the question remains, how many bars do you see in your character’s info when you equip a full set.

Its 4 i gues but i understand what he means the cimmerian gear needs more cold protection . The. Medium fur armor as exempel looks like a real warm armor but its have a lower rate then the medium vanir armor wher 90 % of your body is naked

I wonder whether the Pride of the Aesir armor set is the reason why.

Found the patch when it was noticed back from 3/27/19 for both the fur and steel armor. Prior to this patch it was 2 points in each armor piece.

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