Epic Flawless Cimmerian steel armor

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [any]

**When crafting Cimmerian Steel Armor at the improved armors bench with Werk of the Lost Tribe the armor still comes out with only 1 bar of cold resistance]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Use the improved armorers bench
2.Ensure Werk of the Lost Tribe is the assigned armorer
3. Craft a full set of Cimmerian armor
4. look at the colds resistance it is only one bar, Test by going into Frost Gaint temple there you will freeze to death

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All non dlc armours have 1 heat / cold protection with exceptions being the silent legion armour, the godbreakers and pride of aesir…

But i would love the vanilla ones to be on par with dlcs

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Hello @kazorvey, could you check the Stats page with the full armor equipped and let us know how many temperature resistance bars are shown there?

Incorrect, DLC armor offers no in game advantage (and is advertised as such) epic flawless armor (armor made on an improved armors bench with a t4 armor is supposed to have 2 bars heat or cold resistance I fist reported this in November of 2019. the Xbox patch , on 10 Nov 2019 is the update that broke the Cimmerian armor prior to that it had two bar cold resistance

Will check tonight FYI the Nov 2019 Xbox patch is what broke the Cimmerian armor. I reports this in December of 2019

I have all dlcs and all armourers in game… i assurr u that all non dlc armours used to have 1 cold resistance and dlcs 2… Many players complained about that, and for a couple of patches fc corrected it… Now i now it is intended to be the same (and i support the idea), but its not… Craft any armour with exception of silent legion/aesir and rusty/godbreakers and u will see they indicate 1 enviromental resistance

Will test tonight and repost

My apologies… Seems like my mind gets stuck a bit back… Normal and dlc armours have same stats (not cimmerian)

This was changed 2-3 patches ago. Before that, DLC were better.

As far as I see, they are not the same.
for instance: the heavy armour from derketo dlc (guardian I guess , wächter in german) as 1 cold resistance in epic normal, but two in exceptional and flawless. The same is for Kiterian heavy armor - one
point epic normal, but two in exceptional and flawless. it seems this is the case with many dlc armors.

the cimmerian steel has only one point, no matter if it is normal, exceptional or flawless.
so - no, the non dlcs are not in par with the dlcs. And - no - do not make the flawless and exceptional worse now to be on par with non dlc. But upgrade the exceptional and flawless non-dlc to be on par with dlc

thank you

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I finaly got the armorer, i crafted the cimmerian steel armor set and i can confirm it only has 1 bar of cold protection on each piece even though it was crafted on flawless quality.
( supposed to be 2 bar of cold protection on each piece )

What FC will do then… Probably forget that armor, but this was done with every other armor too… Not nerfing DLC armor, but buffing all non DLC armors (well, except cimmerian steel armor :smiley: )

No I can not accept it as a decision FUNCOM says DLC offer no in game advantage.

Cimmerian used to be 2 with flawless, nerfed awhile back, probably to get more dlc sales. Funcom isn’t thinking of the people playing their games, only the money they can get for their next broken dlc, and what the pc players want. I hear that pc cried so much they are changing whole new dlc. So will be late this year before it hits console. By then they wont have too many xbox players left. And most of the dedicated players aren’t going to buy new dlc. Why would you? Its broken too. Its why ce is broke on xbox now. They release dlc for pc, xbox got way worse real quick. They arent gonna fix it, just keep making false promises and put out another broken dlc. I loved Conan. Played it since it dropped on xbox. I keep checking in hoping for news they actually might fix it, but doesnt seem like Funcom truly care about us, just the money they can rip us off for. Smh.