Error 404: Customer Service

Error 404: Customer Service

Time: 5:20pm EST (USA)

Funcom Customer Support Webpage

“Page Not Found” Error 404

@AndyB AoC Community Manager
@Tamtor Customer Service Manager

Well obviously the part at the end is the result of some broken link that you encountered somewhere - that sort of things rarely occur in valid webpage URLs. If you go to instead, it works just fine. is the correct url but there is an incorrect url link

Main Page =
Contact =
Customer Service does NOT =
Customer Service does NOT =
Customer Service =

On the Contact Page, the html link to Customer Service, the “Help Ticket Page”, is incorrect

Returning > Page Not Found Error 404

Thanks for the heads-up. simply redirects to so that’s not a big deal, but the incorrect link when you click the word “Customer Service” is something we’ll look into fixing.

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