Error "Failed to initialize GUI"

Receiving Error Failed to Initialize GUI when clicking on game.
I am creating new topic due to the one I saw was from May of 2018 and no fix was provided
I am running windows 7 with 4 gig of ram,
I have ran this on my system before.
tried the following;
Rebooting PC
Reinstalling an AOC UI Strange and StoneRune
Uninstalling aoc
Reinstalling aoc
Uninstalling aoc
Reinstalling as an admin
installed Direct X as admin
No other games are running
Need help

Something is blocking the game from loading. Can you knock the resolution down in the patcher?

Delete the game, having the same problem with GUI right now and i do not even bother trying to fix it.

Step 1. Run “Patchersetup.exe”
Step 2. If step 1 fails proceed to step 3.
Step 3. Go to Age of Conan\Data and rename “Gui” to something else, example “GuiBackup”
Step 4. Run “Patchersetup.exe”

Good luck


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