Ether orbs to knock out groups

Ether orbs. Just Sayin’. Orbs to gas npc’s enmass.


Welcome to the community. Though it would make things very easy, plus all the camps would be full with unconscious npcs, since most of the players are giving to a thrall a club and knocking all the village down :joy:, take what they need and leave the rest unconscious. You understand that a chaos of no respawn npcs because everyone would leave many unconscious. Still this idea could work like nullify the enemy npcs, so you can go and choose what you want, club it and go away easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. This would solve the allready existing problem of unconscious villages because players care only for them selfs. Nice post dude and welcome again :+1:

Don’t forget when the clubs were bugged and knocked out everything in one hit I remember that Screw the axe give me that wooden stick wrapped in rope lol messed up but fun times lol

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That is exactly the reason i over sugest to have this gas to nullify instead ko. Because then you could check without even murdering the whole village for a simple spawn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I tottaly agree with you that the original idea would create chaos.

But that’s what Set City is for

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Sepermeru has certain thralls. If you want however a Witch Doctor you have to murder 20 darfari. If you want to check which Asuras chosen is spawned you have to murder 15 refugees, if you want to check if the snow hunter spawn you have to slay a cimmerian village… The paradigms are many and i can speak all day about them. Still i am not complaining about things are, i didn’t even suggest the ether orbs, i just over sugest if we had them how they could be useful and not chaotic :wink:.

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This is a really bad idea.

It’s bad enough running through Sepers now and finding all the unconscious npc’s that some ignorant player has left behind. This is why I wish Funcom would implement a one hit kill/execution of unconscious npc’s. I can imagine how bad things would be if you can k.o them en masse.

If you want a thrall, you should have to put the effort in to get the thrall. Cheap shotting it with an orb of ether is laziness.

Don’t get me started on the other selfish players who camp out a battalion of truncheoned thralls at the entry to Asagarth.

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And what do you do about it? Do you kill the thralls or you leave them unconscious because someone else do it?

Exactly the spirit, thanks a lot. What i keep saying is that if you see the mistake of another and do nothing about it then you are not different. To be honest i wasn’t expect something less from you :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:, you rock.

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I spend my time killing unconscious thralls.

I also spend time dragging over mammoths to engage and hopefully kill the truncheoned battalions.


Thank you, i knew you deserve my respect and you prove me right .

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