Killing the hard should it be?

Please for the love of realism and sanity (or chaos and gore, whatever floats your bisquit); they’re just lying there totally defensless…

Thats my suggestion and im sticking to it.

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The new light attack from the spear is very useful for finishing off unconscious people. So is the power attack from a two-handed sword.


Yes, but we should be able to simply dispatch them via a quick coup de grâce.


I just leave them there… they’ll often reset back to there spot, and game will clear them out before I can even come back for them. (Ps4)

Few times I tried…and just laugh at how hard it can be to hit that low…LOL
I use Bow thou, so I can often head snipe, or drop poison arrow If i really really really need get rid of them.

On ps4 itlest, you go to far away, it’ll reset them, even if timer isnt up.

Correct, Since Online is all on Server side info.

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On official they get up after a while, I think about 10-15 min.

I know for a fact you can knock a bunch out (ie, the trash you’re not interested in) and drag em off out of render range, and they won’t come back, nor will there be respawns.

It makes farming easier when you don’t have to cut through the unwanted stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, I would definitely like to have an option to ‘dispatch’ an unconscious npc thrall - you can just wade in with a companion thrall with a truncheon, and not have to worry about switching their weapon.
(And not having to worry that their AI will have a fit about the weapon change either).

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A dispatch option for KO’d NPCs (not someone else’s thralls you’ve KO’d) would be a godsend. Even using the 2-hander it takes ages to dispatch all the trash NPCs after your follower has KO’d the whole of Sepermeru. After all, the whole point of killing downed NPCs is so that we have a chance at them respawning as something useful. It’s incredibly frustrating to go a-thralling only to find dozens of trash NPCs laying everywhere yet they still have 1000s of HP to hack thru because you are in a high-level locale.

The way I’d implement it (to avoid accidentally killing desirable NPCs) is to make dispatching them the current way remain as-is, but also ADD an radial menu interaction to perform a coup de grace. To prevent trolling, I’d say the CDG animation should take a couple seconds to play and be interruptible (for those case where someone is trying to kill your spoils).

In this way, by leaving the current mechanic as is, we don’t further increase the risk of accidentally killing downed NPCs, but we make save lots of time and wear n’ tear on our weapons when cleaning up after ourselves.

I would love this as well, and i believe it was also suggested on another post. Only concern i have is that no one will be actually using a sword to fight groups anymore because it is way quicker and easier to knock NPCs unconscious than it is to kill them.

Somebody in my server today said that they drag all of the unconscious bodies into a pile and then poison arrow them. I haven’t tried this, but it sounds like a good idea.

I do this after purges. Let my thralls with truncheons KO everyone, drag the good ones into the merry-go-round, then pull the rest a bit farther away from my base into a pile and gas them.

One thing I learned from experience: If you try to do this within your thralls’ aggro range, the idiots will rush to defend you against the dying unconscious enemies and stand stupidly in the gas cloud. And being a Single player, I never bothered to equip my thralls with gas masks…

Sometimes I think the way we capture our thralls left them with too much brain damages once they get out the wheel.

What NPCs are you fighting that are easier to KO than kill? I’ve found that it takes far longer to KO enemies in Sepermeru and the Volcano even with a blunted Lovetap than it does to kill an equivalent thrall.

You may have discovered how to eliminate off your unwanted thralls lol:)
Just know out a few thralls, drag them to base, then gas everything :slight_smile:

If it’s a purge, another trick is to simply put them on a wheel and immediately remove them.


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