Killing unconscious NPCs

Do you know that you can kill knocked-out Thralls with your tools instead of weapons? They make 8 damage - all except stone ones. You may use Setite Ritual Knife as well (Yog Cleaver seems still to have only 1 damage). It’s not very effective, it consumes tool durability but tools do not miss so they save your time dancing around NPCs on the ground.

I find heavy attacks from a 2h mace to be the most effective. Stand back a bit and you can get a two hit combo on the unconscious NPC most of the time.

I use gas orbs. After a Purge, I drag all unconscious enemies into one huge pile and toss some gas orbs at them. My tools are too valuable for me to use them to perform coup-de-grace upon fallen foes, but gas orbs have no other use for me.


There can be problems with Thralls without gas masks. I speak of hunting for Thralls in the wild by the way, not Purge.

Err, yes. I did discover this weakness in my plan when my thrall figured I was fighting the unconscious thralls with my gas orbs and came to help me; she thought it best to get as close to the enemy as possible.

Poor girl may have taken a few too many hits on the head. That’s probably my fault.


pokem with a spear, takes 1-2 jabs


poison arrows are a great use for gas orbs


I use a throwing spear (i don’t throw it)

I just find the first light attack to be very easy to aim and quickly repeatable without have to move much.

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