Killing downed thralls

I looked through the forum a bit and didn’t see this anywhere, so maybe I’m the only one who finds this tedious, but:

I wish there was a prompt to kill unconscious NPCs with one hit. Like if I’m thralling (which I’m usually doing with the help of a fighter with a cudgel) and my partner is knocking out all the level 1 and 2 junk thralls, I have to spend time awkwardly swatting in the direction of their unconcious body, doing regular weapon damage with each successful hit. Not only is this unrealistic (it shouldn’t take this much effort to kill a defenseless, unconscious enemy) but it’s also time consuming and just very awkward. You can’t auto-target an NPC once they’re knocked out and some weapons are near useless in hitting a prone body. I had to resort to hacking one up with a pickaxe one time which was exhausting as well as ridiculous.

It would be nice to have a prompt on an unconscious body to perform a little coup de gra. Just reuse the “skinning” animation since that already kind of looks like my character is ganking someone on the ground. But something that insta-kills if the unconscious tag is on the body. I don’t really see how this could be exploited, as it seems universally harder to knock a thrall out than to outright kill them.

Also, I don’t know if this is due to trolling or just ignorance on how thralls work, but sometimes I’ll come across a camp where some bozo has knocked out all the junk crafters and just left them that way, so they don’t respawn as higher levels. That’s a lot of time spent whacking bodies just to get the engine going again.


Best method is to use a spear and heavy poke, and small circle, and repeat until it is dead, or use gas arrows/orbs.

As far as something new, this would be abused in PVP, and would have to be an option. Why, because i can knock out enemy thralls. so instead of defense, they would be knocked out far easier and then 1 shot.

I don’t think the intended way to capture thralls is to knock every thing out then pick what you want. All be it, that is the meta. so creating a mechanic to reward that “exploit” or “cheese” is pushing it into too simplistic. The con for knocking everything out, is if you want RNG respawns to kick in for better thralls, you must kill them.

I don’t play a lot on PVP, so I may be missing something. But what do you mean by “instead of defense, I can knock them out far easier?” It’s easier to knock out enemy thralls than to kill them? Then what’s preventing you from doing that anyway? A sense of honor? They’re not a threat after they’re unconscious.

And I don’t think knocking everyone out is an exploit; it’s just practical. I don’t want to go into a camp with an armed thrall companion, because if there happens to be a named thrall, I don’t want my fighter killing them before I can bug out. And I don’t want to accidentally kill a prize thrall while defending myself against a horde. So the obvious solution is to knock everyone out.

I guess I’m still not seeing what difference it makes between allowing a player to quickly kill and unconscious thrall (that can’t fight back) and forcing players to run circles around the thrall, poking it with a stick until it dies from it’s multiple puncture wounds.

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We do. But one shot them would allow me to loot them. Its one thing to be raided, another to lose all the silent legion i have on my thralls because of a cheesy way to kill them. and knocking out thralls owned by other players is far easier than killing them.

So having to stand around swatting at bodies on the ground until you kill them gives their owners time to come drive you off? Or are you saying players avoid killing downed thralls and looting them because poking them to death is too inconvenient?

So how about if the game at least allowed us to lock onto unconscious thralls? Would that be acceptable? At least then I’m not whiffing 70% of the time as I try to kill an unconscious, defenseless, motionless lump of flesh.

Locking on I agree with.

the only way to make it happen would be separate code between npc & thrall (would be usefull for other subject aswell as damage control on server setting or thrall control).

In that case the owned thrall would be invulnerable to such one shoot while regular npc could be.

I personaly do my hunt wisouth thrall and just check what’s nice in town, killing only artisan for refresh spawn but i can see the point of both of your statements


I posted the same suggestion on a Facebook Conan PS4 page. It would certainly make it easier to knock everybody out in a town, and sort 'em out and loot them later.

Then that ought to be fixed, because it sounds like a stupid mechanic in the first place, eh?

Other than that I fully agree with the OP. If that means knocking out thralls (NPC, or player owned, or maybe both) has to be harder, then that’s perfectly fine with me.


What if we simply wouldn’t be able to knockout player-owned thralls? :thinking:


Making them immune to concussion damage.

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not a solution i think, it would render stealing thrall impossible. I don’t know if people do that, i know i don’t, but the fact is that it’s a feature AND at our time there is tamed thrall that are impossible to get from npc camp, so i’m sure some would like the possibility to grab them from the neighboor^^

What i could suggest would be making contussion damages related to the armor a thrall is wearing ? That way Epic flawless heavy protect the thrall from damage AND contusion, and acid arow got a new use for stealing fighter from players^^

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I know.

First of all, I think it would be very cool to be able to execute unconscious npc/players! I think adding an option to the interaction wheel that only applies to a character in the unconscious state.

Secondly, in regards to knocking out thralls, I believe the concussion damage should be countered by armor stats. Think of all the sports/activities that require you to wear protective head gear to keep you safe from concussions! :sunglasses:


Or, instead of making player owned thralls immune to being knocked out, we instead introduce a helmet that grants knockout immunity to the thralls… (And is nice and sturdy so it would be harder to strip than a gas mask.) Turn the meta in regards to thralls into a choice between protecting them from being gassed to death and being protected from being stolen…

Maybe introduce a new medic thrall that will wake up any thralls owned by the same player that have been knocked out… (Though that might be making things too complicated.


This is pure gold and one of the best idea so far this week. With that, a finish mech on unconsious nps is possible

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At least not have your weapon incur wear damage while your hacking at the unconscious thrall with your hatchet

Much better application I wager.

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