EVENTS are needed at least one per month

My opinion is that events are needed, at least one per month. An example, putting a challenge on the exile map, that you have to go to a new town and discover something hidden, fight against something or someone etc … and that there is a reward, many events can be done, even horse races, that you have to do a tour in a certain time, the thing is that there are events, new things, as happens in many games and thus give new features and life to the game and do not forget the Exile map, we all want an enlargement of that map .

Devs have already said that the Exiled Lands will not be expanded. The rest of your suggestion ie events, most of your ideas are already implemented on private servers. Those sort of things would need an active admin for the server to organise and officiate which the officials do not have. My suggestion would be to look at privates. There are some great ones out there.


Funcom already did an event a couple of years ago. It caused server issues, people complained about it - too dark, never ending meteor showers, can’t log on etc.

I like the forum events, ie. the creative screenshot contests etc.

it’s sandbox game, no in-game events by definition
on forums and other media, whatever

stated multiple times: ain’t gonna happen

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