Exiles forum revamp

Ah yes, marginally smaller, I understand. How does it look for you now?


I hate being the bad news guy all of the time. I really do. It still persists for me at the moment. :pensive: i can upload another screenshot if that would be helpful.

But I do think it is getting close; I have half of the ‘A’ in your name AndyB!

EDIT: oww here it is just in case


Sent you a DM.


No you just represent the voice of others too in this matter! For the matter of fact…

Same here.
So maybe in i phone things are good but on Android it needs a little tweak more please, thank you!

Ps. I visit the forum only from my phone since day one!


Hey @AndyB would you mind ever so terribly sneaking another peek at this teoublesome issue. Without being able to see the icons on the side its a little tricky to sort through the correspondence. Here is how much we can see at this moment in time.

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