Exiles not Becoming Slaves

Lemme start off with whats not working, I have a Greater Wheel of Pain I am trying to work with. I have put an level 1 armourer, archer, and carpenter into the wheel of pain with something like 200 gruel. But there is nothing in the crafting queue when I press L2, thus no exiles are being converted to slaves. This is my own Co-op survival btw, and if it has anything to do with level, I am also a level 60.

um, on pc you have to hit the start button. looks like a >. hope that helps.

If you have changed how long it takes for a thrall to be broken it could be that they nearly instantly went to converted.
Do you get a warning message when you try to remove the thrall that it will be destroyed? If no, then I think it has been … so remove and see if you can put into the workstation slot for that class. Or for the archer if you can put on your hotbar and then place into the world.

Did you learn the feat, or have you spawn in the wheel ?
Sorry to ask, but this happens.

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