Exit Game is not cooperating with my video adapter


I’ve recently checked back in after a five month hiatus, and I think I found a bug. I play on an Asus laptop with a nVidia / Intel Optimus video adapter, it switches between the Intel 2D and nVidia 3D GPUs depending on what software I’m using. I’ve noticed issues in the past with other games where a crash to desktop would throw the adapter for a loop. The nVidia chipset would refuse to engage again, and I was unable to start a new game without at least one reboot of the laptop.

I’m finding this issue again while doing a clean exit out of SWL. I’ve had to reboot twice now as nVidia would refuse to restart afterwards. I’m not sure if this is from the latest update or one previous, but I know this wasn’t happening as of last November and it’s not happening with any other software I have installed.


This sounds more like a software problem on your end than a problem with the game. Have you tried playing without having Optimus running? And if i understand correctly, you are running 1 Nvidia card and 1 Intel?

It might be the new patch have done something to interfere with your setup or vice versa.