Expectations, Hopes and Dreams for Mounts!

Hi all so I wanted to start the conversation here about what you would like to see out of the mounts, this update and those to come. Here’s a video with my list.

I hope you all will share yours here or in the comments of the video or both. :wink:


I’m honestly not sure what I expect or want from mounts sight unseen. Ideally I’d hope for something similar to how mount & blade handles rather than the more lackluster offerings from something like skyrim. I guess witcher 3’s implementation of mounts and mounted combat would be a reasonable middle-ground.

Suppose I’ll have a better understanding after the preview stream in a few hours.

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I want… horse-punching. And camel-punching, but since it’s going to be just horses (not Just Horses, though) at first, I’ll save that for later.

Amen to the hopes for a Mount and Blade-like experience. I’ve said it before Mounts were announced, and I’ll say it again now that they are about to debut on-stream: mounted combat is HARD to get right, but unless they DO get it right, I fail to see the point of the whole shebang.

Especially considering mounts will count as our one and only follower when out and about, so they really have to carry their weight in more ways than just travel speed IMO.