Exploit, build (in a rock) dominate

I have seen pvp servers dyeing off, have covered this as have lot of other people. At the time of this post, the last time, in raid time, there were maybe a max of 10 well populated server (30+) and only 3 maxed out (official PVP EU).

I was playing on one of the maxed out one, listening to the convocation about another clan building in the mesh… but I got on with things, in the hope a patch was coming :frowning:

Anyways, I tried my best, but the game was unplayable! And this is not a one-off on this server (one of the few still high to full population). So I made a video, I think funcom should watch and comment about here.

We were told that the DLC was to help support the upkeep of servers, and now you probably don’t need anywhere near what you did (part of the plan I guess, touched on that in another thread )

We are shown that server can host 40 players… they cannot, it would seem. Be it processing power, memory leaks, who knows.

Just don’t have PVP server if they don’t work… don’t use them to promote you product, and say it’s a nice gift from funcom…

See the video, see if I’m being unreasonable.

I have a lot of hours in this game, held on in hope, watched friends leave, and made new ones (who then leave because exploiters are not dealt with)

You made a great game, but ruin it with these half cooked pvp server… Conan does not have PVP, it’s doesn’t work. Be it because of server issues or exploiters…. You can’t make that claim.

Had my last friend leave the game today. Cool eh! Conan, the game that leave you feeling sad

note, to do the video and make post… good 2 hours, so I think you can take the time to address this post

Also: imagine if you had a live stream on a pvp server, and that’s what it looked like? It’s the truth of the game, but you would not want to show it. But maybe I’m wrong? go on :slight_smile: live stream from a near full PVP server… the chatter about exploiters would be an embarrassments, and lag/bug would just be a kicker.

so, from the location in the video, i leave with a bag full of stuff.

run across the maps and off a cliff at the far end of the map, as the fatal error that killed me before the video kills me again… and then i cant even log back in to get my stuff ><
this is another game braking bug!

just a fatal error each time i try to log back in! seems it killed the server 1/40 player vs 36/40.

Lot of progress lost 300 steel bars, 600 black ice. all gone due to bugs and not my skill level

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