Where the heck is all the online | LF Proper PVP Server

Hi All,

I play the game for like 2 months now, I found tons of potential, like RP, PVP/PVE - a better Ultima Online, especially after Age of War update.

I was thinking - Ok, I’ll join a PVP server (I doubted in finding a proper RP/PVP servers that live till today in NWN/NWN2 and UO) so I wanted just look for a normal, living and breathing PVP server to utilize all the cool features;

  • Grouping with people, picking some cool theme like Norsemen or Stygian, finding a tactical spot for base to control the area
  • Treasure hunting and bringing them to our treasury to protect them
  • fighting over terrain and resources
  • doing caravans to transport treasures, resources and more

Because game has nearly endless possibilities (weirdly, I don’t see it promoted very well…to be honest I didn’t see any sort of proper promo)

But then I found out, that

at the moment of writing(I cannot post images as new user)
On Steam:

  • 6,753 players right now
  • 10,794 24-hour peak

So I logged into game and played with filters - I couldn’t even find 1k online, where is the rest 5k+ of these players? are there any other places where to find servers that we don’t see?

I was wondering because I can’t really see any living breathing pvp server, with lots of factions just fighting over resources, terrain and for fun…I just see servers with few people killing random people

Oh my sweet summerchild, I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and I have never seen more than 4 servers full at once.

By full I mean more than 30 players.

Official servers only have 40 players.

It’s working that way in theory, but we still have clans. If two clans want to group up for a campaign, then it is an alliance.

Is it some sort of bad promotion? or generally game has things I don’t understand, that piss players off?

Look at all the failed MMOs or online games that tried to imitate a lot of what Conan has. Even Amazon paid tons of money to influencers to make New World Look like better Dark Souls and Conan, while it was mere shadow of these games. We got such stuff here(well, except for souls style combat) - what keeps players away then?

Maybe the rest is pve and pve-c🤷‍♂️

Well, initially it was completely different. We had the perfect balance between PvP, PvE, and even RP.

However, they replaced the developers and adopted a new mentality. They discovered that they would rather focus on making the game PvE-oriented and slowly pushed the PvPers away. The PvE players, especially the RP enthusiasts, spend an incredible amount of money on cosmetics, the bazaar, and the battle pass. So, it’s not that they don’t care about the game dying; it’s that they want to extract as much as possible from it before its demise and then move on to the next game. I have 4k hours in PvP and RP, and let me tell you that I have never seen the game in such a poor state.

There are trillions of bugs, exploiters, blatant cheaters, pay-to-win items, infinite stamina, rolling spam… It’s just… terrible. I’m in love with the game as if in a toxic relationship.

Anyways, it doesn’t really matters…Because to Funcom, we don’t matter.

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This is exactly what killed New World for example.
If you got a system that is complete(RP and PVP) you don’t break that, to try to introduce PVE which is by far, the hardest to create and maintain, lol

Well sad, perhaps when the game will officially die people will create better servers on their own, sad to say but the game, by far, has all the aspects a pve/pvp/rp game needs…it’s just so without love and promotion 0.o

So then another company will put 10+ millions $ to create things that Conan has right now, to try to make it better…when the game already has the base for that, and just need polishing and promotion, jesus.

I have read some posts and that makes me really sad lol

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I’ve played since the game dropped just when was that? Day 1 before the first update?


The last thing a parasite wants is the host to die, Conan will die of old age before it shuts down.

Trillions? You’re trying to turn a hillock in to Everest.


Are we still talking about Conan? Because if we are there are already dozens of such servers.

More people play private servers then public servers.
I have no idea how steam or any game pop measuring site measure game population but I’m sure none of it is that accurate.
As in just what is that count counting? Logins? People on when they measure?
Are they measure everyone playing the game? PC only? Only people on public servers?
Does that count include the consoles? Does it include off line players? Actually i don’t think it could.

Right now due to my pet peeve exploring in Conan is more frustrating then fun, so taking a break. But I am still logging in to put of decay, which means jumping around the map to transtone pads, maybe 20 minutes logged in. Is that counted as game play? Should it?

Now I know lot of you know :older_man: Way back when, LOTRO did a major overhaul of the game. It estranged so many long term player it was hemorrhaging it’s player base; including me. Dropping numbers discouraged new players; especially with all the hoopla going on on all the LOTRO forums. So the developer introed RNG door prizes and it worked. Login count went way way up. But the game was still empty.

Never trust the player count. It’s a ball park figure at best.

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I’ve been doing this since Early Access. If you’re playing on a server with G-portal in the name, you’re either on console or you did something wrong. Those are just trial servers used for advertising for another company. They lack the performance needed for a true multiplayer experience.

That said - Are there any worth to play pvp servers? reading it all… I have a strong feeling that the best PVP experience would be…on PVE-C servers, because of players simply destroying bases when you’re logged off.

That also kills my hope that people that really want to do global pvp for treasures/resources/sport/zones exist

Many people have private servers on Gportal. A lot of people play on the public servers. I do because, I like vanilla, and mods are like danish. 2 or 3 donuts are a quick breakfast, a dozen a day is going to cause issues. The next biggest issue with private servers is

Really? Then why did so many on the pubs lose years of stuff to the foundation “fix”?

That I will agree with. They are discount servers and you get what you pay for.

I was on a private PVE-C server. Games of tag were just too much fun. But was up for 4 months and

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