Explosive Arrow Bug (following patch 1.81) SOLO Mode

Problem: Explosive Arrows Bugged.
Reason this is Important: Harvesting Star Metal.

Did some testing in SOLO mode,
there seems to be some overlap with Official Servers on this issue.
Hopefully someone will get some benefit from what I have found.

(Again worth saying here that ammunition seems to work normally when equipped to thralls, the problem is a thrall can be persuaded to attack a goat with an explosive arrow, but no amount of prodding will get them to shoot at a meteorite).

The fastest way I found for testing, is to equip the ammunition to hotbar, if the stack in inventory does not decrease after firing the mechanic for that munition is broken.

Arrows that still function normally (if BUG is present) from Vanilla Game::
Abysmal, Acid, Firespark, Flinthead, Ice Shard, Ironhead, Oil, Smoke, Snake,

Arrows that are bugged::
Ancient Arrows, Explosive, Healing, Light, Poison, Razor, Steel.

Since this bug happens 100% of the time, if present at all, the work around I have found is:

use ORBS, they still function normally, even with this Bug present
I used a combination of 1 Gaseous Orb, and 1 Demon-fire Orb per meteorite, and was able to harvest all 3 meteorites I was able to locate while testing.

Addendum:: I also tried a variety of bows and found no difference in my results, also I tried both legitimately fashioning and Admin creating ammunitions also found no difference in performance of the ammunitions.

*PS4, original internal HD, 250 GB free of 872 GB.
running SOLO mode, test in both Admin, and regular single player mode, Conan Exiles Map.