The bow does not shoot an arrow

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 8150

Bug Description:

the bow doesn’t attack out and doesn’t deal arrow damage. when equipped, he makes the gesture but the firing and consumption is not seen, even when changing weapons. to solve it is necessary to unequip the arrows, split and equip the split part

Bug Reproduction:

The bug occurs when equipping the bow and attack.

[The bug](The bug occurs when equipping the bow and closing it Link video Bug Conan - YouTube)


can confirm

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That’s right, it happens with the poison arrow too.

hi @Nandim89 there is a work around for that check the link :

it doesn’t solve the problem but you will be able to use your bow…I realised something since then for the blunted arrows anyway the first time I selected the blunted arrows with the bow I use for them the icon of the bow has blunted arrows with it and since I saw that I just select the bow and use it straight away (no need to select arrows for it) as long as you have blunted arrows in your main inventory.

Following Patch 3.0.2
Arrows, specifically Explosive Arrows continue to act incorrectly.
Explosive arrows do not function.

Conan Exiles, single player mode, PS4.

I had this occur on Official #1738. I had to unequip my bow and re-equip it to get it to fire correctly.

Yeah that doesn’t work in my instance, but it might for someone.
The behaviour I flushed out earlier in this thread started with sorcery 3.0.

That’s 2 patches ago now, 30 days, and through my testing over 3 accounts that would have solved itself.

But thanks for the try suggestion @Technicolorfool.

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Played the new Patch Conan 3.0.3 (22.10.19) PS4 Console

Although the Patch notes did not mention the Fix,
I found my version of Conan Exiles, previously affected by this glitch in solo play has now resolved this issue.