F2P Restrictions?

Got acct set up, game installed, Made a character, a Ranger. Wanted to try diff class…and looks like only one slot available and some classes are restricted despite info saying all classes & 8 slots are available?

I don’t know where you saw all your slots would be open; a F2p account has limited open slots when it first’s starts out. When I did mine it was 2 character slots, but if it went down to only 1 good to know.

All CLASSES are open; Ranger, Necro, Assassin etc… etc… Now not all races can be all the classes so if there’s a certain class you want to play cycle through the different races to see which race opens the class you want; example only Stygian’s can be Tempest of Set.

Outside the character slot limit; being totally F2p isn’t all that bad, I have a test f2p account just so I’d know how it plays and haven’t had any problems with it vs my old sub account that has the stuff I talked about open (with the exception of the 10g limit).

Also not all races are open. To play a Khitai character you have to own the Godslayer expansion.

Other F2p restrictions you’ll see; No World Chat, Tell’s limited to friends only, and a 10 gold limit.