Failed to Launch Game

The Conan Exiles game doesn’t launch when I click it. I haven’t made any changes to my computer between the last time I played and today, but for some reason today it will not launch. I click the program and try launching from Steam. The message quickly pops up that it is preparing to launch. Then, the game never launches. I’ve restarted, uninstalled/re-installed the game while deleting everything Conan related. Tried verifying all files, but all files get verified successfully. Updated my Windows machine (post problem.) I’m stumped and can no longer play the game. Any suggestions?

I’m running Windows 10 (1809).
Intel Core I7-9730k
Nvidia GTX 2060
32gb GDDR 4 Ram

Any error messages or (windows) logs?

The only message I can get is if I launch the game from file explorer in my steampapps>common>Conan Exiles folder. It says Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime is required to run the program when I click on the Conan Sandbox application. Besides this, no error codes. It just starts to run, then it stops.


Resolved the issue. It actually was the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime. Something in a 5/30 install of the 2017 runtime caused Conan to break. Deleting all 2017/2015 Runtimes and installing 2015 again resolved the issue and the game launches again.


Well done !



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