Family Sharing solution Ideas

Hey there :slight_smile:

I’m from the unofficial RP community and I thought id just list a few ideas.

I’m not a coder or dev so I’m not sure how to go about it, but my idea was this.

you use that anti-cheat thing for official play, so how about another background problem that is hard-wired in the Conan install files that acts as a localized ID that the program searches for when a player logs in.

something that can not be bypassed via alt steam accounts as it’s in the game file and linked to their product code.

  1. most of us RP servers have a whitelist system, perhaps you could do something like this, where players need to log into a Funcom website and enter their product id as well as other alt steam accounts numbers which are entered into a Funcom database the game can check against upon log in?.
  2. implement an alt character system like this amazing mod: TERPO-Reborn 1.4.4

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