Farewell Thieves!



Really?!? So in the time Conan Exiles is set in, they had that sort of technology, eh? :smiley:


hi i think if some time in future a server can choose to have generic messages (thieves named or just generic messages about theft) it could work out like shadoza mentioned,

but its not that bad if you steal from a player, and if they happen to know about and look at a log, and see another named player who stole something from them, what are they going to do… shout “stop thief”? :slight_smile:

i dont think its that bad if they know who stole, as that way they might keep a look out for the thiefs base, and steal back :slight_smile: otherwise all a thief wants is to get away with daylight robbery :smiley:

actually, what better way for a thief to gain fame, then to have their name in logs, showing and proving that they still managed to sneak in and take a prize :slight_smile:


I’m confused. Why is it a problem if another player knows you took items from their unprotected container?


Oh come on, Yas are really doing your best to kill the fun in pvp


yeah, security cams and finger prints in the time of conan , COME ON!


Its all about stealth, I am the kind of player who LOVES stealth gameplay, so if I play a thief, I don’t wanna leave trace. I don’t want other players to know that I stole their stuff, its their fault for not being cautious, and the thief reward is that, take for exemple, you are a brute fighter that loves to smash people with the hammer, now imagine Funcom taking out hammers from the game, that is what i’m feeling with this addition on the Event Log.

You see, if there are players that doesn’t have a problem with that, its ok, but taking out a role from the game that used to exist from the beginning, you limit gameplay, and thats not good because it literally makes the game less interesting for the players who likes that option.

Now I ask you both, do you want more or less players in the game? Do you want variety, or the same old? Conan Exiles is different for the things the game offers, take it away, and people will look for that elsewhere.


Just to be fair I actually like this new change. because i play on a Server where we are PVP RP and we have a Rule on engagement with player is that both players must consent into war so that other group can have their fun without interruption and a STupid troll decided to raid my base for One measly blacksmith.

You can be damn i was pissed beyond hell when I have 40 hrs work week and we manage to track that person down because of event log and we sack that base so hard place that person into a perma jail AKA black ban the troll butt from the server. I mean if you want to be a thief then be a thief not like they will know where your base are but i do understand your frustration.

Basically what this is for really is to find a culprit action so that We can understand why and how to improve ourself in the base design.

And If we do get exploited from someone hacking the game or intentionally getting into bases. Well you can alert the server with proof and some developer might hop on and try to figure out how.


Improving the Event Log is not a problem, but to manage what clan members are doing, it could be simple allowing customize the ranks, make said patent do not have permission to open said door/chest, this already exists for vaults, and if you don’t trust the people you invite to your clan, you shouldn’t invite them in the first place, if someone plans to do internal raid, with their names on the event log they’re going to do anyway, what we need is just improve the clan management itself, but Funcom is too lazy to work on that, so its easier for them to make the Event Log notify everything each player are doing and server performance ( which we all know its terrible) turns to be even worst.

Lets be honest, about hackers or glitchers, if people do what they already can do, its not the Event Log that will solve this, they will find a way to bypass it.

Fact is, this game started out hardcore, barbaric, raw, im pretty sure most of Conan fans like that way. Now this addition with “names when stealing from unconscious or containers”, its getting on the road of a “polite” and “organized fluffy” game, if I wanted that, I would go back to WoW or GW2.


Today I opened my event log to look why 2 of my pets and Thralls guarding my base were missing. This information was missing but I found the information that another player with I played yesterday had stolen some of my grilled meat. This information was not correct because I gave him this meat by myself.


I agree with you. It would be better if log just says “Object … was stolen by somebody”. Furthermore, the message should appear like 5 or 10 minutes later and not right after it was stolen (I don’t know how it works currently), that way thieves can still exist and will not be asumed to be a bug.


Frankly, if you get by, by thieving… find a new game… :smiley:

I have now love or respect for thieves… If I could kill one and they stayed dead, no problem, but they just respawn and steal again… Maybe what should happen is you can choose Thief as a role, but if you die, you die for good and have to start over… :slight_smile:


So, if you kill another player, get their stuff, then you die, you should start over ? Heh, funny.


That is not what I said… is it?


Stealing is stealing, no matter from where.


Can’t the log just report the action but not the cause?. Stolen or destroyed is enough information.


Thats what should be, but you know, I guess “Fun”com wanna keep the Fun for them only.


So what you are saying is that you enjoy the process of stealing from people… that making others upset or sad, is how you get enjoyment from the game. Got it…


It’s pretty clear some folks just can’t fathom your point. I get it. I’ve played since early release (not so much now…I check back now and again to see if Funcom has fixed anything) and Funcom has a habit of pulling things out of the game that a lot of players really liked only to replace it with watered down…for lack of a better term, junk, if anything at all. So this change you don’t like surprises me not at all.
Prior to full release, CE was stable and had a lot that attracted myself and my friends to the game. Two weeks prior to full release, they updated it and broke nearly the entire system, changed quite a bit, and the game hasn’t been right since. And it’s been tweaked to something I barely recognize compared to that stable, fun build in early access.


well its your own goddamm fault if you are incapapble of closing up your base enough to prevent robbery! it is really not hard!


I may have seemed “nice” in the past, but actually when I find a base and can grab through the windows, I will do it. (Meaning I am a thief and trespasser myself. Though I dont go exploring the world with the intention to steal whatever I can… I rather stumble upon opportunities.)

Hm. All I can read from our event log is that stuff got destroyed and at which time. No names, nothing which tells wether those things decayed or got purged. (Though I know it decayed, since I didnt care to visit that small hut anymore…)

Hm. I actually was called “security chief” little over a year ago on some pve server. Prior to climbing… I found all kinds of ways inside their bases and showed them how… Why I am telling this?

Think about crackers and hackers.
One party is all about helping with security issues;
the other party is all about exploiting said security issue.

I think “security chiefs” and thiefs are the same like those two:
While the “security chief” would leave his name and even tell how to fix the issue, the thief doesnt want to be known for having stolen whatever s/he stole.

I mean the core of stealing is being able to take from other peoples stations. On pve+pve-c that is blocked by default. The other part of stealing is taking without having the other party know who took it.

I think it’s fine for stealing not being possible on pve. But it should be in on pvp.

Reason why some people steal is because they dont see themselves as being ready to raid. I think the main reason for that is because they are solo or part of a rather inactive/low clan. Or the target is simply put superior.

And that is where nonthiefs are wrong.
This map isnt too big, so it’s rather easy to find the culprits base if one really searches the map.
Depending on the haul of said thief, the owners might be really interested in finding the thiefs base.
The sole exception which can never be found is below the map. And that is cheating/exploiting. A whole other level than stealing.

Make any containers on pvp servers blocked for nonowners as well and dump bombcosts down to 1/10.
Then people can bomb each other without stealing taking place at all. Wouldnt that be fun? (I know. No. Well maybe… for a few players.)

Oh, and in case someone wants to defend new players:
There can nothing better happen to them but a thief. They will be able to pinpoint how that person might have taken the items and then counter that.
Over time, they will grow to be good builders who can build a stealing safe base which needs to be cracked before accessing any loot.