Fatal Error, can't play the game

I’m not here to believe, but to test, and give feedback, sometimes to help others. A thing your imput don’t, i doubt it will help the OP. :wink:

Maybe you should simply test and read bit more, stuff isn’t stuff, and ssd isn’t ssd.
Anyway, have a good time ! :grin:

Should be able to manually download an older Nvidia driver and just reinstall the driver that way. Not sure if that will help your problem or not though. Then again, never hurts to do a fresh driver install.

I’m going to try to reinstall the game itself and if that doesn’t work I’m just done. Steam will probably give me a refund. Unless one of those alleged Devs that supposedly watch this forum would like to speak up.

In my experience there was a world of difference. I had microstutters galore, and occasional 3-10 second freezes… switched to SSD, problem solved. SSD is not just a marketing scam, whatever you may believe.

All of you please stop giving him hard disk ideas, all D3D errors are related to graphic, either card problem, drivers or engine.

In this case most probably drivers as google show same error in ARK where people reinstalled drivers with Redist and it solved problem.

@ Mikey that could be just cos of bad sectors, disk age, etc

I can’t even get that far, I only get to the title placard, immediately after it crashes. Anyway I’ve already uninstalled and am going to reinstall to see if that does anything (had meant to last night, but I’d gotten distracted0.

Hope the re-install helps. It’s frustrating to have so many troubles and not know what’s causing them. Even from my end of things, I just want to see a post from you going “oh hey look, doing x worked and I can finally play.” So tell your computer to start behaving for my sake :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately the reinstall failed to do anything, and I’ve had enough. Thank you to all of you that recommended your various fixes, even if they didn’t work 'tis the thought that counts. I’ll be uninstalling Exiles and going through the refund process via Steam.

And if anyone from Funcom finally manages to come across this, Screw You.

We’re sorry to hear you were having trouble running the game and that, in spite of the community’s helpful suggestions, you’ve decided to refund it.

As the initial purpose of the thread has been taken care of I’m going to close this thread.