Fatal error message when loading into server

Hello Players!

I am currently trying to troubleshoot but to no luck. I have updated my drivers and my Windows version. The game will start and i can navigate the menu but as soon as i try to join a server (both single player and multiplayer) it crashes giving me this error message. I have browsed multiple threads which suggest deleting all mods but i dont have any to begin with :frowning:

My pc specs are:

RYZEN 1600
16GB DDR4 2600
RX 480
1tb WD Blue Hard Drive

Hi there!

Can you please email in at https://www.funcom.com/help? Please include a copy of your DxDiag.txt and a screenshot of this error code. Our tech specialists should be able to help you out.

Hey, I ve got exactly the same error can we please have any issue for me and any others peoples who have this problem. thanks you!

Hello, My girlfriend has the same problem on her computer I have tryed everything i can manage to come up with but nothing fix this issue. The game crashes everytime she try to enter a server or singelplayer mode…

Hey, i finaly fix the problem!!

so i fix it by deleting some stuff in main file.

you need to cut/paste in a created file on your desktop if the game doesnt work without the deleted files. but that’s work for me so i hope that’s work for you!!!
1: Delete all files in left of the screen in Steam/steamapps/cummon/Conan Exiles/ConanSandBox/content
2: Delete all files in right of the screen in Steam/steamapps/cummon/Conan Exiles/Engine/content

and restart the game :smiley:

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I love you! Works great!

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