Fawns make these lands more... innocent

I was walking on the Eyelet lake and all that wind and danger around me made the atmosphere harsh and deadly. While walking, I met on the same lake a little fawn and… I decided to follow him.

A simple and harmless routine which, for a while, let me forget about the dangers of the harsh Exiled Lands.

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The devs did a great job on the ambient routine of all the animals. I watch all of the routine movements of any animal I come across. The wolves lay down… I especially like all of the baby animals now wandering around. I like the hyenas chomping on carcasses, it adds a sense of immersion to the game. I even saw a salamander chomping on a human corpse…cute.


Yeah the animation overhaul was successful. I think the only problem now is the interaction predator-prey.
Too many times there are still wolves approaching some preys (like the fawn of the video) and there’s no attack or run, they just don’t “see” each other.

Yeah, but the Hyenas and ostriches do go at each other don’t they. I agree there should be some more prey / predator action for natural enemies.

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