FC its enouf alredy: Lonf tine no polygon!



The oldies maby remeber a post with a maiking helemt and hi resolution, I made it and now i make nada becouse i lost the abision to make 3D, thou im not lost but that whas maby my epic going and what i see is not going fort, you may say conan world is pretty byt i say not as there is more in the open. but face it there enginer cant bost it and thir progger arent up to it, no you ask why i say so becouse FC has made another game called Anrachy Online and they have’t blody understand the basics of big worlds. for example they said Shadowlands wasnt to be grind, but they made it the biggest grind fest in europan history.

Post to FC
Don’t be selfice, lissen to the conunitu !
We are your life hood and if u don’t complie u will die !


Hahahahha, old classic


a cat Tag without Cats inside ? :frowning: