Feat order is odd

Just finished playing the 10-21 update for the 2nd time. 1st time after I crafted the alchemist work table my game got really laggy and unresponsive. So I uninstalled from my HDD and reinstalled on my much smaller SSD. Plays fine now.

Anyhow, I noticed that the Feat for Basic Warpaints requires the Feat for Dyes. The Warpaint Feat is lvl 22 to unlock. The Dye Feat is lvl 25. Seems kind of odd that we can’t get a lvl 22 Feat at that level but have to wait 3 more levels to unlock another Feat first that is a requirement. Was this intended?

Also when I started the game and let the newb river t4 fighter thrall get chomped to death by the croc I accessed the inventory on the dead body and discovered that I picked up everything except the armor that was dropped. I again wonder, is this intended?

I play single-player with no mods.



Can confirm - I just duplicated the exact same thing (little peninsula top right corner of E3 on Exiled Lands) -
allowed t4 exile (Airk the Slayer) to be killed by the croc
Looked at body - did not open its inventory, just pressed ‘f’ to ‘loot all’
Received the other items from him, but the armor pieces did not transfer over
(was able to loot them normally by opening his inventory and clicking them across individually).

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