Feedback: Rescuing Thralls

opening cage would pop open a “container UI” to allow looting the cage. This would make me happy. As it is now, I just don’t bother with the rescues anymore as I se no point and I am 2 days into the game again, after a long time away.


Yeah, I know what you mean. The problem isn’t the idea of rescuing… its the implementation of how to do it (and the process of rescued thrall to becoming the player’s thrall).

I think this is the easiest and cleanest way to implement the cages.
Prevents having to kill off unwanted thralls.
Allows them to add crafters to be rescued from cages.
Could even rescue animal followers from cages.
Can even leave the unwanted thrall in the unlocked cage that someone else can loot until the cage resets.

I’m like you if the cages just offer a low tier fighter that I have to dispose of whats the point of bothering with it.

I like the actual aspect, we deliver him and fight together for surviving and escaping.

I hope good thrall can be obtain with this methode;

SOLUTION to the problem turn that keyguy into a t2 or t3 taskmaster. or even better make it so it cant be KO. done. problem solved

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