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Feature request:

1: The ability to pick which scenario you run. Nothing like getting the other two OVER and OVER when you need 1 more to complete the do all these acheivements (and pugging your duos)

2: An ability to skip the “Welcome to this scenario blah blah blah” by using a survivor to force them to spawn and start the 10 second timer.


In TSW we could move while activating the targeting of our Ultimate ability. In SWL you have to stand still to bring up the targeting (you can move while actually placing it). I find that having to stop up screws me over more often than not as it means i get 1 hit if im in a tight spot. Any chance we can get it so we can move and bring up the target circle? Every other GTAoE you can move and bring up the target at the same time.


[misc][Agent Network]
I want to be able to assign Ms. Faction Recruit to watch the available missions and give me a call if one of the chain mission segments comes up. Or leave Lydia orders to just go do it as soon as it’s available, if she’s sober. Or sober /enough/.

Once I’ve finally got those dossiers, I’d want to use a feature like that to find more missions that reward better equipment, so not just by name or chain. I don’t know what other criteria people might want. XP/minute? Distillate type or volume? Shard value? Mission rarity? Any mission you’ve just never done before?

It would also be nice to be able to assign max level lowbie agents to medical duties to speed up the recovery of the lower level and/or more skilled agents we’d rather send out. Whether you want to go into technical details of helping someone rest more with less sleep is up to you. I hear tantric footrubs are a pretty amazing recruitment bonus.


“Players should have to sacrifice something in order to access basic UI functionality” is actually a very bad idea.


“Players should have to invest something in order to access basic UI functionality” is also actually a very bad idea. :v:



We need a special quote box or emoji for when we want to put words in someone elses mouth. It should feel very gratifying.


idk if this has been added yet since i am returning but a “channel feature”
due to the limit of players on a map at a time i think there should be a channel feature where youre able to swap to a more populated channel if you would rather play with more people or swap to a more empty channel if you woiuld like to play with less people.


i dont kow if it belongs here but i want more solo /dungeon scenario content. i do play scen but only 3 of them get a bit boring and same old. For this we dont need new places just re-use the ones we have.
I completed the story at new england , now carter calls me saying she hears strange sounds at the basement, if you come over to help pleace. you can decline or accept if you wish. if accepted a popup for rating 1/10. a few targets and 1 chest will do fine for me.
i hope with this can come even some kind of randomness with sayd targets. today akabs and draug, tomorow some thing different.
we have lots of places like this were i think it can be done


Some kind of streak breaker mechanic for scenario selection is a really good idea. The recurring theme of getting 3 castles several days in a row has pretty much eliminated my desire to run a kind of content I don’t find particularly enjoyable to begin with.

(Actually balancing the maps against one another would be an acceptable plan B.)


Choosing dungeon…

Problem with people running the easiest is not problem of choice but problem of rewards. It’s beyond Secret World abilities but I will say it anyway.

If every dung had a counter how many bosses are killed inside (or even per boss) and rewards were scaled by that significantly (not like TSW’s slight bonus for four times longer dungeon) it would regulate itself. It would measure the difficulty and all runs (speed and full) would be equal.

So if people think of running Ankh over and over they should be allowed to. But their rewards would shrink to almost nothing after a while.



It would be fantastic to be able to save costume sets and easily swap between them. I have several go-tos that I swap between. Right now, doing so is a pain.


[PVE] With new Dawn I saw you opening up a new continent, I suggestion that may help speed up new content creation production and maybe reducing alot new raw graphic production by reusing older graphic objects like furniture and building from other zones.

My thoughts are that you should consider using multi-zone investigative content connected to New Dawn expansion content.

Pros 1 - you do not need to create new objects graphics in older zones - instead reuse older props (furniture) and inside empty building. (example - sort of like the psychic in the basement in Kingsmouth sort of thing)

Pros 2 - You can focus more on story investigation content creation without having to wait for the creation of new props thus speeding up playable content. String them across several story linked zones with clues and story activities, allow deeper exploration parts of older story strings.

Pros 3 - it serves as game content filler, it should keep players coming back with quicker new content production turn around, while you are still creating New content for the overall story line of secret world and zones. (Props, landscape, new ppl and activities)

Just suggestion for [PVE]


@talfordlee, you can use mods for that. BooBuilds definitely works and I’m told Fashionista works, too.

Still, one might think that in a game using outfits for monetization, having a baked in outfit manager would be a no-brainer. I fully support the idea Funcom should implement one.


Could also do what Star Trek Online has done with their Infinity Boxes. Which is basically all lockboxes in one, but you choose from a category when you get a rare item. Basically, for a week or two Infinity Boxes will drop instead of a regular lockbox. Here’s an example of how this would work in SWL:


You roll on the costume set table: You pick which costume set you want.
You roll on the purple weapon table: You pick which cache you want your weapon from.





I think “blue chest everytime” event would be nice.
I think people would like the boost that they get xp-wise (and it’s not THAT huge to break the game) and the increased change to get the agent in the end of dungeons/scens.
Also this would benefit FC as well since people would buy more keys to run the content more.


Maybe not every time, but an event with a significantly increased chance. Maybe 33.33% chance of a blue chest? It would still draw people like you say.

[UI] [Modding]
This is probably a suggestion for @Glaucon. I asked for this once or twice back in TSW, but I’ll pop it here as well. It would be nice if there was a Signal that triggered when an item enters our inventory that indicated where the item came from. Mission reward, achievement reward, dungeon chest, loot item on the ground, AH, trade, etc.



Feedback: daily challenges disrupt story flow

I, like many others here, have a rather tight budget of uninterrupted free time for playing missions. When I do have time to play, I do exactly three main and three side missions, to maximize my MoF earnings within those limits. This messes with the story flow heartily, and what makes it worse is I have to leave all story missions for the odd chances I actually have extra time, since they don’t count toward dailies at all. I love the story, but I also love my social and sprints and inventory space and all the other things MoFs can buy.

Once we’ve finished the story, I suppose none of that matters because it’s all just ala carte repeats anyway. On a first playthrough, when there even are story missions to play and a storyline to follow, it would be nice to be able to play in character, following a logical progression through the story, and still get activity rewards. Some of us just don’t have time to play more than a couple hours even on a good day, and the MoFs are rewarded for a specific density of play, not for slow, steady progress.

Suggestion: reward any mission / story progress, not categories

Change the daily side and main mission rewards to 400 MoFs per Main mission and 200 MoFs per side mission, up to 2K total, then if you unlock the bonus challenges, 200 or 100 per mission up to another 1.6K total. Or whatever that is. I don’t have time to unlock it right now to check.

And mark each stage of the story missions as either Side or Main, depending on whether it’s just travelling and talking or a big action scene, so those count too. Well, maybe there are some stages that are too trivial to even count as sides, but others are main story villain boss fights.



  1. Remove that annoying afk protection that the game automatically closes if you aren’t doing anything for a while. It’s just making everyone paranoid that if they go away from the pc for anything that they come back and have to start the game all over again, which depending on system can take a while.
    2.Give the GMs some kind of ability to create a sound when the game is tabbed so people don’T have to wait with the game open all the time to not miss a GM for issues where the closing of the game is not helpful (mission issues especially in terms of achievements) or to inform the player to look at their tell messages since it happens that people overlook this.


Except its mostly the blue weapons from the lists that are BiS. Honestly, I’d rather see them let you buy items from an cachebox with TaF Open enough that you don’t get what you want? Spend TaFs and buy the item you want.