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There used to be a noise indicator for when someone sends a tell. Has something happen with this feature?


The sound for a tell is still there.


It’s there, it just doesn’t make a sound when the game window is not focused, which is something that should probably be re-evaluated.


New Dawn

Positive feedback:
I LOVE it! Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you.
Some things that made me happy in detail:

  • Lots of traps, even deadly and intelligent. Zero frustration with all of them, they were all fair and not too easy.
  • Encountered zero bugs
  • Giving us the chance to not feel like the superhuman immortal weapon of mass destruction.
  • Change of behaviour in some Foundlings during the night. Looked through many windows. Firstly, out of concern for their well being and secondly because I’m curious by nature
  • Area had lots of NPCs that made the place lively and they even had random lines and greeted
  • Intelligent and new placement of Lore (hatching of the little egg just to name one example of the many)
  • If one takes their time, you can unravel some secrets and darker stories
  • The decoration over the warehouse gate reminded me of the demon Buer
  • The way you made the piled up corpses warehouse… ooof, nice job.
  • Loved the normal, everyday chores (almost felt like a vacation. No KG, nothing blows up, just my crops and me…)
  • The irony to wipe off our own graffiti or repair the trucks that miraculously broke over night
  • Weak points in bosses instead of one big hitbox. Awesome! Not just blowing it to bits (like with portal Hel)
  • ZeroPathogen dino hatchling was too cute. Didn’t manage to shoot it and kept it around for minutes. It didn’t bite me, that were all just love nibbles…
  • My jaw dropped when the She-Devil came out to “greet” me in person. Gotta admit, that I heavily hesitated to let the anti-comm guy out of his cell and that I regretted it instantly xD
  • The gorgeous athmosphere at night and the music. I NEED that track
  • Water golem looks nice and his attacks too

Suggestions and criticism:

Visual: Whoever is responsible für lip / mouth movement and creating the inside of mouths… Has some weird
outtakes. After a certain point of the game, errattic movement could be seen when entering Tokyo and getting the cutscene with Sarah in the subway, Jung on his seesaw and lastly the lovely wife in Marquardt’s mansion. Gaping and… green?^^

Misc: Please give me the option to turn off the bright blue visual tracking, like I can turn off mission markers. It is good to have, I can see that, but I don’t need it.

Expansion: Instance the whole new Morninglight area.
RP reasons: You are sent in alone with Che and aside from a few agents who tried to pull off that stunt and got captured, you are left to deal with that situation on your own. No connection and just a shady dude you can’t really count on or trust. You are basically alone in the enemy base at least from what the story tells you. I liked that desolated feeling.
RL reasons: There is nothing more immersion breaking, than seeing a bunch of players there in their flashy clothing hoverboarding around, while you try to act like you are really undercover. It can get crowded in “your” hut and it isn’t fun or easy to keep staying in character, harvesting crops with all those other people buzzing and twitching about.

Even though I was so damn hyped for this new stuff, I waited over a month after your content update before I dared to log back into Legends to not have my game experience ruined. I waited years for this content, it means a lot to me. Point is, it shouldn’t even be necessary to take and think about such precautions.

In addition, the story advancement felt rushed, coming there and BAM the first night you can reach the next level. Why not have the players spend at least two days of Morninglight routine? What I did was spending a whole 4 day cycle, before going up to the guard and it still felt like cheating. I didn’t even have the option to not stirr up trouble and to fill my own basket, but no, I stole someone else’s work. That is not my way of doing things. Especially it irritated me when everyone near the gate congratulated me on making it to Annointed. How the hell would they know? I didn’t earn anything… But yes yes, personal tastes and choices, don’t mind me in that regard.

While the first stage felt lively with many things to explore and chores to do, the Annointed stage felt bleak and empty. I was really getting my hopes up, doing a few rounds and days of “blending in” and “doing my job” (helping out at the printer shop, the kitchen or do my effing telemarket business. I know, we don’t speak, but what about choosing a computer voice and react to the customers on the phone? Multiple choice like with a certain time limit given to react.) before the next step. I mean, one can have these additional activities as optional for the story mission. Whoever wants to go ahead can do so and the rest is allowed to gather some more points. I don’t care about item or token rewards for that. Well, to say it short: Again, it felt rushed. So I hope, there will be more to do soon :slight_smile:

On a side note almost off-topic, this might also show again the need (at least for some of us) to have a housing option. Settling down somewhere, far away from all the trouble, do field chores if you like, build a chicken coop, a pond for your chibi tentacle friend, a dog house or whatever to have a place for your pets to roam and in general to have a place to live and return to. No need to make it a farming sim, but I hope you get what I mean. I liked having a place in that world, as much as I detest the Morninglight.

After all of that really glorious stuff and the mission line ends, I was still totally immersed in the story. Okay, I need to check back with the Venetian guy and BAM advertisement pop-up in your face. Well, uhm, okay, that’s one way to tell me that storytime is over. Not a nice one though.

Edit: Miss investigation missions…

tl;dr Consider optional ways to solve missions. Examples:

Mission Suggestion: The Kult of Personality
Alternative / Optional ways to end the mission
After gathering 10 corn as usual, following option will show up:

  1. Steal another Foundlings harvest (like the only choice right now -> resulting in a fight)
  2. Fill up your own basket (no fight-> collect 30 crops -> combineable with the Harvest side mission)

Both ways will make you carry a full basket to the truck (either “ill-gotten” or “well-earned”) and grant the same points. But at least our agents will have a choice.

Mission suggestion: Things that go bump in the Night
Alternative / Optional final Tier: Finding and picking up Marika’s arm, will finish the mission, but not automatically credit 1000 points / upgrade us to annointed.
Leave the bracelet in our mission item inventory. Progressing of the Story Mission in 2 ways.

  1. Use the bracelet by talking to the guard post (illegitimate access)
  2. Gather your own points and use the scanner at the Annointed gate


[Feedback] So this is something that has annoyed me for a long time honestly. Exclaimer: this is my own personal opinion and i know some people wanna shoot me for this.

Long story short: Can monsters/traps associated with Sabotage missions, be tagged not to ignore you when you reach a certain level.

Sabotage monsters should not start ignoring you, just because you outlvled the area. Makes some of the Sabotage missions, not much of an achivement if you just wait some levels. That is if you havent already outlvled the place the first time you get there. Even some traps act like the mobs. Example would be the filth in the upper level of the Blue Ridge Mine. My 36 character is dancing around on top of one right now.

Edit (additional information after newbieshoes reply):
The Ghosts and the Darkness: Filth Traps ignore you.
The Orochi Group: Orochi outside camp ignores you (debatable if they should). Is harder for an at level player.
The Prometheus Initiative: Transformed Scientist (shades) ignores
The Living Oil: Darting Hunter (locust, debatable). Honestly if people run into these they are trying to fail.


[Feedback] Mission: Room 502. I really miss being able to read the notes as we could back in TSW. I guess they used to be descriptive of the next location we had to go to, and as such understand the old notes were removed. However the missions seems really empty and uninteresting without the notes to read.


The filth traps in the mine? Because I know the Hate Machines inside the mine are level 50 and will 1 shot you.

Otherwise the only example of mobs ignoring you for being outleveled is the shades in the open world area used for “The Prometheus Initiative.”


Is this for Secret World Legends?

Yes the filth traps, they completely ignore you at lvl 36. Not so much at 34.


[PvE] I throw out most of the rewards I get from the Agent system because they’re trash. Some possible solutions:

  • make agent distillates free to use
  • instead of giving distillates, accumulate xp in a pool and create a distillate once it’s useful (around 1k xp)
  • instead of giving distillates, give tokens players can use to buy distillates from a vendor (like Dawn vendor)
  • create missions for agents to purify/combine distillates

These ideas have come up before, but I was throwing out more distillates and was getting annoyed with it so thought I’d mention that it’s still a problem.


Hello, here is a little feedback or request.

  • Do you think it is possible to set up the Chronicle system as in TSW ? This would allow to have a ranking of players among other things, no need to explain what it is :).

  • Plus is it possible that you communicate more about your current job.
    The community supports you but you do not know what you are working on. We simply report that you are working on a fix that will arrive soon, that you advance on group content or on the story allows us to know what you are. I do not mean to give dates of course but just a regular thing for us to know or you are in the development.
    Thanks for reading me,


I think that rather than TSW Chronicle, what it takes is a way to show a player’s success to other players. For example being able to post them directly in the channel of discussion.
Simply having access to “Achievements” when inspecting a player would already be something very good!
Of course, the return of Chronicle would be interesting …
The major problem is that a “ranking” of players that is never updated and reset demoralizes very quickly new players.
How to motivate yourself to kill monsters to climb in a ranking, when the old players have already killed many hundreds of thousands of monsters in advance? And given the system of “limited keys”, how could a new player catch up?
This kind of “ranking” has only interest for a very small minority of players.

On the other hand, a “Chronicle” showing only the ACHIEVEMENTS of the game would be a VERY GOOD idea. If a player killed 1000 Zmei or 5000, it would not make any difference.
And that would allow to see :

  • Players who collected the legends.
  • Players who have explored all Secret World cards
  • Players collecting Sprints and Pets
  • The advancement of players in their fighting skills
  • Monsters, Bosses Rare and Regional Boss Killed by Players
  • Missions completed
  • Challenges, Dungeons, Scenarios, Raids, and even PVP
  • The advancement of the Museum, and the Agent Network

In short, giving access to a player’s success - whether by inspecting it, or going on Chronicle - would be an interesting feature, without demotivating new players.

We could even make a ranking with the “Total Achievement Points” …
The number of points being limited by the number of successes, a new player could quickly catch up with a veteran if he is motivated …

Of course, that would mean that many people would be ranked “1st tie”
But at least it would have the merit of giving extra motivation to new players: “I’m going to play the game until I’m in the top ranking!”


Only one or two tier higher? Three or four more like it.


@Faster For things to show off, one already has titles or clothing. And looking at level 50 players and Mythic or Legendary gear is enough for a newbie to be in awe and think just how far out of reach that is. Rankings, ratings, visible by others, for me that would make me feel even more stupid and underachieving. So upon inspect anyone can see how much I suck at a game I play for fun… nice. I’m so awfully happy that the Chronicle was something I totally ignored or rather that I completely failed to notice. Until you mentioned it, I never knew it existed^^ Which is quite awesome, simply because I am like I am. Easy to demotivate / make me lose my fun if even my PvE is rated.

Don’t get me wrong, if you like it and suggest it, that is fine with me. I just support Bozkoal’s idea (chronicle/external inspect excluded) more than yours. I merely wanted to share my thoughts on that. Nothing against anyone :slight_smile:


The purpose of the chronicle was never to rank or show of ones “skill” in the game. It acted more as a record and a allowed players who devoted a lot of time and effort into certain aspects of the game to have a degree of pride in there accomplishments. Killing 300000 zombies did not mean you were a better player and did not give you any tangible benefit in the game. However, people who stuck
With the game for many years could look back and be reminded of players that are perhaps now only a memory. Bozkoal actual raised some very important issues however in that it quickly becomes a thing that only a select few even care about and his suggestions are very good so +1 to @Bozkoal . That being said what he is suggesting is actually something you personally wouldn’t want because players would be able to see for example what level of scenario or dungeon you completed. A solution to this would simple to provided a setting that allowed players to keep this information private which was also somewhat a feature that existed in the chronicle, for example you could make your character profile private.


@Jack Attention, I spoke of rank but was very evasife for a good reason, I did not mention type, reason etc it seems to me. A ranking off for the points of success is not really feasible especially that there is nothing that can be used for this, the only ranking that I think I would be a PVP ranking for regular players who like to know well or they are in DPS, Tank or Healer.

The purpose of my post is that there is a discussion with proposals such as what did (I liked Bozkoal’s post and I’m 100% in agreement with him) so that Funcom notices and sees which is fessable and if the players are interested in getting system that existed other times. The stuff that I have, the success points I have, the mob killed, … I did not have them when I started, I had to play a lot after my work to be able to have all that, I did a lot of try and am proud of my hard won successes. Some do not like success and so what I ask / propose do not interest them etc, that I can understand but why feel belittled, nothing is comparable we do not have the same time of play, the same goal etc. .

For info Chronicle showed the favorite power, the stuf used, monstrate and quantity killed, certain success, … (which allowed those who left in public to better know the class played, the fates used are advancement but they already had know his nickname to find it). It was the identity card of your character, you could be proud of your achievement effort etc and the others could see them.


Thinking about Nirvelle mentioning he would like to have some Agents in the future to be physical NPCs present in the world. A suggestion for this: Eri the Shrine Maiden as an Agent. Put together a 3-4 mission chain for her, with the ultimate reward being able to recruit her as an Agent and put her abilities to use outside of Kaidan.


By all due respect, I really think you misinterpreted what I wrote.
Keep your success and take pride in it. Again, nothing against it. Let me try to put it very simply and short: I just don’t like the idea of having more options to be compared and ranked/rated insert whatever word multiple people now used… I like “working hard” and being rewarded for it ingame, too. But simply just for myself. I did understand you very well. I’m just not in favour of what you suggest, that is all.

@Drenneth Thank you for you additional explanation :slight_smile: I read up on that Chronicle feature, before I even posted and then just tried to express how I would feel with certain features. If they could be switched to private ingame, that’d be awesome! That all aside, I did state that I was supporting Bozkoal’s ideas. (I’m no native, so maybe I just expressed myself poorly) i.e. Lore collected, map explored, achievment Panoptic Core earned etc. but -as you correctly stated- wouldn’t like points, ranks, abilities, item levels displayed.



Can we have one? Pretty please?^^ Just look at that :heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart:
It is so adorable and I’m a bee, so I’m sure the holes it bit into my legs will vanish in a few…

As an idle position it could curl up beside the player if one doesn’t move for a while and I wouldn’t mind an occasional bite and tiny-growl either.


For all TSW accounts still not honoured to be honoured with at least 3 starting char slots.

For me this is important because when the migration occurred there was only 1 slot on offer, within 2 days we were offered another 2 bringing the initial starting char slots for all TSW linked accounts to 3.

Given that enough protest was made and indeed heard, i don’t understand why these starting slots are not still part of the TSW linking of your account - regardless of it being part of the one time only transfer, it should by rights be part of linking your account. Some people had well over that and we all knew we could only ear mark one name for the keeping.

Returning players who are coming for story content, now that it is released, who didn’t migrate on the first transfer, shouldn’t be facing this type of punishment for not coming in the first instance. I mean, funcom expected people to migrate over to a game that had and still does have, less content than TSW. The protest was made about the stingy amount of char slots offered - one to be precise. The protest was heard loud and clear i thought that char slots for TSW accounts once linked would be upped to 3 slots.

I personally don’t see why they would be removed as part of the linking of accounts after all the noise that was made about them to begin with.

Link account > Receive 3 starting char slots > unlock weapon pages > Then vanity items.


[Feedback][Agent system] Ultimately, the “affinity” concept used in the agent system is every bit as willfully obtuse as the TSW ability wheel ever was. If Funcom legitimately cares about SWL being more accessible than the predecessor, the affinity system needs to be patched out yesterday. Otherwise, might as well bring back the wheel.