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[Interface] Is it possible that you could add a slash command /logout so that it will be more intuitive for most players. /camp is a very old term and a lot of new players may not be aware of it but /logout is more standardized and so I hope you can add it.


/camp really should make you strike a fabulous pose.


Or pitch a tent.


[PvE][Event] Please consider making events less RNG heavy. This event had multiple RNG grinds, with no upper limits on some of the grind. I think events should be designed so that most people get everything by the end. Players should not feel desperate and frustrated trying to complete achievements and get loot this far into the event.

The event had shards for the golems, which was good. Perhaps those shards could be extended to other rewards with an event vendor, and awarded from HK as well. That way people could prioritize rewards they want the most if they don’t have time or interest to get everything or are unlucky getting drops.

I think it was a bad idea that Lore 11 was behind RNG. Everyone should be able to enjoy all the lore for an event with only modest effort, as that really has no impact on anyone else.


Not happy to hear yer friend is having trouble. Me as a migraine patient never had any probs (the grenades that explode in my agent’s face aside) so far however. So I’d disagree in most of the visual points and completely on the sounds. Pistols not making sounds when fired? What nonsense.
(Read through a few of the posts above and hope, there will be a compromise / option in the future. gl)

A solution for all that would be a button / check-box “show effects only on self”. That should reduce the load.
Also a “don’t show visual tracking” option would save a lot of my immersion for example.


Can something be done to improve interrupt abilities? Given the incredibly tight timing required on some bosses, Mistresse’s Bashosen is pretty much the only interrupt I feel I can rely on - ability based interrupts are far too finicky by comparison since they won’t go off if you’re channelling or have just cast another ability or whatever.


For me, it doesn’t make much of a difference proc-wise (visually) … As in, it looks the same if the ability works or not… unless specific attacks have been launched. :confused: I do find it strange how some gadgets, makes up for some short ends on our actives and passives. Then again… some of them were once abilities used back in TSW, like the shotgun turret… Sigh … yeah.


'fraid you’d need more assistance to make that happen, some incentive maybe…But hey, sounds good to me, my agent might not be as happy to display this “new-found” expression … no matter where the response might appear from! xD


So here goes my two cents: Regarding issues and general Feedback. My impression remains the same, yet… I know that some things are here to stay, regardless of how much I would wish of it otherwise. I speak namely of Explosives, the Effect visually, audiobly and overall.

Short introduction: Explosives, these does trigger some nasty health-based effects… in more ways than one. I sit here with shock, twitching (shaking hands, just enough to make me feel it… not enough to make it visibly appearant to those around me. I wish not to write more of how my mind gets or what inhibits it… but I can say this much of it: it ain’t pretty. :persevere:

Playing The Secret world, were worth the shocks (as back then, it could be limited a bit more… less exposure over a short moment of time - aka, it didn’t appear within a few timeframes of the second before the next… so yeah, you could brace yourself for the next upcomming one without having a follow-up seconds later.

  • Yes it did contain it, but it wasn’t a stream you couldn’t stop/halt/cut off… so that’s why I mention it.
  • Some might wish to have a 100% accurate representation, though safe to say… I’m not in the right state of mind… nor health to tick down the seconds, to test it out once more. :neutral_face:

In The Secret World Legends, this is where it all proceeds to cause reactions from my end.
I wished to pick up the Assualt rifle, as it had been ok during the beta phase… surely enough prominent, on the BOOM, BOOM… BOOM, BOOM - side of things, but back then it could be a bit more controlled or so I believed. :+1:

Nowadays… not so much. For who knows a bit if not more of my state - has given me either tips or outright told me to keep some distance from them, while healing for instance… while I sat on support heal/DPS.

During some moments I try to close my eyes if it’s possible, and hope it won’t kill my character off straight away… Despite that… I don’t mind my character dying compared to my psyche being pushed to it’s limits.
I wish to avoid having to ask players or ‘Randos’ as some has called 'em… to avoid using rifles (due to the Granade usage) nothing wrong with using a rifle just keep that in mind. (Re-read this, until it sticks - I wish not to be cruel, but there is a point to be made in there!)

Even the few times when I have nicely asked if they could relax… with the ichy triggerfinger with the MIRV launcher equipt… Still get the feeling that, it may be more than I got the rights to ask, since some has expressed that… they feel a bit preassured when asked or uncomfortable … might even say strongly confused by the question. Replies such as this “Why though?.. I mean what’s the point in…that?” - and akin, hasn’t been uncommon.

I’m honestly baffled why some has responded that: “If it is so bad as you put it…/If you can’t manage that… why are you even playing the game?” :frowning_face:

  • I mean, come on! … I played The Secret World, since 2013… loved the story and most of it’s overall content (YOU WON’T hear that comming from me, regarding most games I’ve played… Despite being kind and polite, when it comes to my opinions about a game… I can be a critical, cynical, wretched being… a Not-so-Mr.Niceguy by then.) … there will always be something I will notify others about… or feel strong disatisfaction from, so being as high up on my list as it is… amongst the top five for me over the course of my years… least for the ones I have memory of.
    … SO why wouldn’t I try to play SWL then, when South Africa and possibly more stories might be told as well?!

  • “Then don’t use a rifle then! … simple fix to your problem right there.” … If I hear that, I do not consider it any better. It will not be ideal, as it removes 1 entire weapon and page… sending it down the drain.

  • I’ve been infuriated by that, for longer than most could fathom… yet I sat back, and held back whichever form of filth that filled my head at the moment, to avoid spilling malice in form of getting on the defensive side.

In means of the Audio, I’ll keep this rather brief.

It’s spot on - difficult to compare to a IED, or a plastic explosive. Due to experience… I can say as much.

Even the granades are on par audio-vise… all in all, the one responsible in that department got a good ear (and moreso, better hearing than me! :sweat_smile:)

So an A+ on the excecution there! :smiley::+1:

My wishes would be a toggle function for these effects, visual-wise… NB!: Keep in mind that I’m speaking of the effect, not the ability as a whole.

… I’d prefer a toggle option, but I’m not expecting one. Simply hoping it might be viewed as a possibility! :zipper_mouth_face:

This is the end, thanks for your time - and my appologize for the Novel of a text. Cheers to each and all!


That’s at least 2000 Anima Shards, right ? In that case, stop giving out Buzzing Hives after the 21th day and just put 2k Anima Shards in the daily event reward.


In past events, the expired items were worth only half as much (1000 shards) compared to opening them during the event (2000). So unless that has changed, I’d rather they keep the giving us hives (and equivalent items) instead of straight up shards.

And to me, it wouldn’t make sense to give players who have been sitting on hives (ouch) the same reward as those who have been killing golems to open theirs since day 11.


[Interface] Give us an option to skip the cache opening animation. It’s cute when you open one or two, but makes opening them in bulk a chore.


There’s a mod for that.


So there is. I completely missed that, on the second page of Curse.


The window is definitely not designed for that though and it will crash if you open them too fast.


Are you suffering from PTSD?

Than I would completely understand why u have an issue with explosion sounds.


Ideally, a volume adjuster for noises from others’ abilities could work, as then you could find the level you feel comfortable at, even if that’s zero. Being exposed to some unexpected bangs could help build resilience in the long term, but you need to start at a point at which you’re mostly comfortable, and be able to stay there if it’s the only way you can enjoy the game.

In the meantime, does drowning it out to some extent with music help?


Yeah, been troubled with it for a couple of years now.


To be frank - I did undergo some sort of shock-therapy for this very condition, started out with fireballs, worked my ways up until I hit granades, then so on… step by step at each peak. However, it’s the frequent or rather the amount of explosives that goes off that causes it. One in itself, causes flinching, but 2-3… 4-5, then a barrage… of explosions going off in rapid succession? That is more than I can manage, and more so.

I’m often given the advice, that takes in mind the adjustments of sliders and overall volum - heck, the suggestion of using music has shown up more than once. (Which shows that so many wonder, care and wishes to reach out to one another this way or the other. Makes a fellow speechless at times. :smile:)
I’m glad you mentioned it however, as some does have that as a part of their own “proc”. (I try not to use the T word here.)

In fact, due to mono hearing - I could resolve any audio issue. ^_^’

That being said, it’s the visuals that causes my reaction.

I’m uncertain how that might be resolved, but I do hope it won’t go unseen or forgotten…
there’s more who is in similiar shoes - shares some of the same situations and issues.

Thank you! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day ahead of you, alongside with this one at the current time.


[Interface/Misc] Signet Icons.

As Signets are Talisman specific, it would be nice to give their icon icon the same form as the signet they fit into. By doing this, each Signet could then have a distinct image, so you can better spot the Signet you are interested in, on the first glance. It might also help indicate for newer players, which Signets can be put where.

I realize this would require a lot of work, but it is something i often miss. It would make it a lot faster to spot that Head Signet you are looking for in the cabal bank, among all the other types of Head Signets.