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Ability to watch current video of underway Shambala PVP matches via the Agartha activity boards.



Currently a lot of people are experiencing an increasing SP/AP stack with nothing to spend it on. I would suggest being able to do the following;

  • Spend 10 sp for a 2K Talisman Dist.
  • Spend 10 ap for a 1K Weapon Dist.

The reasoning being that SP charges up faster, but that you have more talismans to spend on. This balances it out in the long run. Of course, I just grabbed these numbers out of thin air. I assume FC devs would have a better concept of the correct numbers.

In my opinion, this would improve the enjoyment of the game, as everything you do is now helping you obtain distillates even when you are maxed out on skills. Losing xp, in any way, sucks :wink:
Lore-wise, it could very well fit with any creature that sucks out dreams, memories or strenght in some way. Many cultures in the world have tales of such beasties.

It was mentioned in a discussion on General chat that this would remove the need to run content such as dungeons. However, the amount of experience gained from this would be low and dungeons are still a prime source for obtaining Gear itself.

Similarly, you could limit access in a time-based fashion (exchange once per X days?), or limit it to people who have a X number of capstones. Lots of options there.


Wouldn’t that be only a solution until one reaches max gear? What than? What if destillates become worthless to one?


Once you have reached that point, when you have a full DPS, Tank and Healing set, for any given concent or situation; then I think you just won the game.

At that point I can’t imagine it mattering to that person anymore.


Not everyone levels even a second set because it takes AGES…
Most people stick with one that they never change…I mean a full dps set is overgeared enough that you don’t need a tank talis or heal talis set for even e10 content. You are 600 ip over the e10 gate.
And there are a few people having maxed gear and nothing to do with the hundreds of AP/SP they have.


Sure, there are. We could argue about that 1% of people.

Or we could discuss the 99% of people who would be, at some point in their SWL career, be able to enjoy this. We could talk about people whom, now that they have a secure source of distillates, might continue playing. We could venture into speculation on how that would help the game, or even move on ahead and improve this idea even further.

That sounds very productive, doesn’t it? Let’s do that.


Thing with the 99% is that most of them still have use for AP/SP. Any adittional sink aims at people that are SP/AP capped but in the case of destillates aren’t gearcapped yet…restricting the people that make viable use from it from bottom and top.
I always find it would be far more viable to give out the big potions for AP/SP…something high players can than use more freely or even stock up on without worry that they need to savekeep he ones from dailies or buy additional potions for marks, which have value. Thing is a lot of the other things are just finite in use.


Do they? I’ve been AP/SP-capped since last year and I’m still a long way from full 70/20/20 reds.


I only recently made it…like 1 week ago. Took me 2500 hours and a lot of missions…can’T imagine that my amount of timeinvestment is common under casual players and f2p people. Patron is a lot quicker especially on AP side.


I’d like to see those AP/SP not going to waste, but propose poor exchange to something slightly better than worthless, like anima shards or slight reduction on current mission cool downs, so as to not be a complete waste that as is currently but instead provide small buzz of profit.


People who are maxed out on AP/SP probably aren’t too worried about needing extra anima shards.


I got to the AP cap at around IP1060… and I can tell you pretty confidently that the game isn’t split into “99% e10 gear, 1% maxed gear”

Running e8-9 dungeons I see maybe 50% at full capstones. I’d guess of the overall population it’s maybe 2% at ap/sp cap, and 0.01% at gear cap.


There’s probably quite a few people maxed out on one, but not the other. Weapon capstones are a sink that doesn’t have an equivalent on the passives side. It might be good to come up with something there, for starters.


[Suggestion] when I re-equip weapons after a mission that unequipped both, put it in the primary slot only if it has a matching basic in my current build, If there’s no basic prefer the secondary slot.

Just small QoL increase so I can click-equip my weapons in any order and not worry about it.


[Suggestion] Interface – Prevent distillates from going into the top slot of the Empowerment tab or anywhere in the Fusion tab.


One thing I would really love is for the weapons and skills to be re balanced. Currently there is a rather large gap between different weapons, and too many skills (particularly passives) are underwhelming.


And then there’s things like Crystallised Blaze’s passive. I love it, but balanced it is not.


It’s bad enough that we have capstones to begin with, we really don’t need “double capstones” but for SP.

On that note, here’s a quality of life suggestion: once we’ve got all actives and the first point in each capstone, just automatically unlock a new one every 40AP so we don’t have to do utterly pointless admin work. :v:

Also once we’re fully capped on SP & AP, just give us shards instead - we can always use more shards.


[Item store]
Double XP boost (all sources (kills and missions)) epipens/potions/what ever. Example 2h (500 Aurum), 4h (1000 Aurum), 8h (1999 Aurum).


Yes, it seems almost certain that they did a typo and added an extra 0 in, or they intended the damage to be spread out over the entire cast rather than every tick. As it is now it is just a stupid amount of damage compared to other passives.