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Nah, using a crit power/hit split glyph would enable you to make full use of crit power rating from agents while extending the glance reduction far into the 40s. A crit/hit split glyph would bring you the glance reduction benefit while only losing minimal crit % (when using all elaborates).


[PvE][Dark Agartha]

Please redesign Dark Agartha to require payment to unlock rewards, not run content. SWL consistently uses payment to unlock rewards, not run content. DA’s reward system does not match this design. People shouldn’t pay to play, only when they actually get rewards, like everything else.

Since AP/SP are purchasable, they are equivalent to MoF and aurum, so just use MoF keys for DA. Either make a new key or use an existing key. SWL can reuse the SP/AP sink system to let players buy something else, like shards, distillates, a small amount of MoF, etc. If DA uses MoF keys, then players will also be able to buy keys and open as much loot as they want, which is consistent with SWL’s design.

If Funcom really wants to gate rewards, then use a system like NY raid where there’s only good loot once a week. (Also, since shards can be sold on AH, there is no effective gating so this is not a real concern. Whales can immediately upgrade all their glyphs.)

Lastly, if Funcom really doesn’t want to use the existing key system for DA, please consider adding a daily or weekly free run. As it is, DA fees interfere with progress for anyone who is not at end game.


I’m with IndigoHawk.

Also, Dark Agartha is very well done and it’s a shame to let it go to waste as basically a mini-dungeon. You should open it up for exploration and story. Maybe quests that take you there so you can retrieve lost fragments of knowledge to avoid the same fate? Story is, after all, what makes this game great and you can’t just tease us with this wonderful world and not tell us a story.


Summon FATE items would be a lot more useful if you could buy them from the UI while out and about (like potion refills) instead of having to use up an inventory space to carry them just in case.


Sometimes the Dragon work in more subtle ways.


[PvE] Dark Agartha

AP/SP Cap - Since Dark Agartha costs AP and SP, could the cap be removed? It doesn’t make sense that we can exceed the cap through daily login rewards, but do not earn the points when we are out interacting with the world.


[Items/Pets/Misc] New title: YEET


The DA chest doesn’t give distillates. It gives imbuer fragments and an extraordinary weapon or tali, but no dists.

AP/SP-wise, part of the problem atm is that this is the first long term drain we’ve got. Previously, everyone would eventually buy all the abilities & passives and then start stockpiling. Now, assuming we’re all running DA, those stockpiles will slowly drain until we’re back at the cap. If they remove the cap, then the AP/SP drain wouldn’t be enough (patrons can normally earn more than DA takes in under an hour), and we’d just end up with bigger stockpiles with nothing to spend it on. Future players will be kept under the cap, as the drain is enough to account for the log in rewards.


Yeah, the caps need to stay but since we need 2x the SP as AP, the SP cap should be raised. Also, now that we’ve got stuff to spend them on beyond the passives/abilities, it’d be nice if they’d balance out the amount of AP & SP needed to unlock everything - the long trek across the boundless capstone wastelands could do with being shortened. :v:


I can kind of see your logic, but I’m not sure I agree with it.
As they are, without running any other content, you can run 3 DA if at the cap. That’s a pretty ok margin for reserves I think - if you’re not playing enough in 3 days to earn 7/15, then tbh you’re probably not going to be worried about logging in to run DA daily.

Raising the SP cap doesn’t seem necessary if there’s already enough for you to be able to use them. We saw the AP/SP caps go up in TSW with augments because they started charging crazy amounts for them. We don’t have any big purchases that we can’t already manage.

It’s also possible that other content will be released that has the same paid access. If they did that, then I could see a reason for raising caps as we’d be spending more. Not sure if that’ll happen, but until then I don’t see anything to be gained from it.


And if you fail more than twice then you’ve got to down tools and go farming again. It would just make more sense to have the SP cap be doubled since you earn them faster, need more and can’t spend them “in the field” like you can on passives.

There’s no real downside to it - the caps are presumably there to stop us from having a bank of thousands of SP & AP to immediately spend on any new sinks but since we can now reasonably assume that any such sinks will charge twice as much SP as AP, we get no real advantage in having that cap doubled. Though actually while I’m here I’d like to suggest the SP cost also get rounded down to 14, since otherwise you’d need 105SP to match the number of runs worth of AP you had at the cap. :v:


I understand your point, but I’m not sure we can make any reasonable assumptions based on a sample size of one. For all we know, the next thing will cost 15 AP and 7 SP. Honestly, I kinda doubt it, but until our sample size grows we can’t make any assumptions based on anything more than a gut feeling.

So why do we need a change then? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think your point about providing multiple chances for people who fail is the best argument tbh, but even then, 3 goes at it before you have to take a break would feel about right to me tbh.


Actually, given the difference in gain and skill tree expenditures, a difference in AP and SP cost for a sink in SWL would’ve been a reasonable assumption; Funcom got that right, though maybe not all the way. (One could argue the SP cost should be even higher compared to the AP cost; people not AP-capstoned out can easily be sitting at >100 SP from events even now. Yes, I would know.)

A sink that’s more AP- than SP-intensive would be completely counter to how the rest of the game works, so I’d assume Funcom won’t make the mistake of introducing one.


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Let the AP/SP cost for Dark Agartha be optional, and if paid gives more/better rewards at the end.


I’m sorry, I thought that the :stuck_out_tongue: emoji was an indicator that that sentence was tongue in cheek.

We don’t have an agreement, as my point remains that the current cap provides an acceptable buffer. Arguing for a larger buffer would be an understandable position, but not one that I agree with. Just like me thinking that I should be able to eat more carbs than my current diet says, which is not something my wife agrees with.


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Now that you mention it, I don’t know why I thought that I saw distillate rewards as a part of DA. Whoops!


[Suggestion] Can Both barrels cone area get changed to something more in line in size to other weapons. Maybe another shape instead of cone which has problems when you get swarmed. Like a line Aoe like wildfire from the incubus?
Currently the ability is just poor performing in it’s role as AoE.


Could we get the ability to sell talisman/weapon/glyph mission reward bags for 250 shards? I’d rather lose out of the extra 250 shards on the minuscule chance I get a blue than get carpal tunnel from clicking all those bags open.