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Put some RNG stuff to drop in DA. AP/SP cost and 1 daily run with collecting 300 thingies to have 4 pin upgrade (which is imho far pointless) really dont motivate me to run DA after I collect all the lores.

Some weapon skins? Pieces of outfit? Anything…


This mod will be your new best friend:


[Suggestion] Could we have an option to place ground-target abilities by pressing the cast button a second time instead of left/right click?


[Dark Agartha] I am disappointed by the challenge provided by Dark Agartha. No, introducing Elite 15 and bumping up the scaling values will not provide the sort of challenge I was expecting.

Before this content launched, it was suggested that there would be a great deal of randomness and shuffling which would present a challenge for even the hardened players. Fast forward two weeks, I find myself running the whole thing with same one-fits-all build every day, without even reading the pre-battle lore anymore. I’ll try to expand.

  • Impairs are almost non-existant. Pretty much every ability is uninterruptible and any fight that requires impairs is fine with 1.

  • Cleanses are spread around with no sense of urgency. Nothing of the likes of Rot Iron that requires immediate attention. A single drone appears to be enough for all fights.

  • Purges… Am I missing something? I don’t recall seeing a single effect that had to be purged.

  • Exposes, Debilitates or DoTs… Why not have some mods which require them, like some lair bosses do?

All in all: 1 impair, 1 cleanse, some self healing and you’re good to go without any necessity to change the way you “approach the challenge”. The only gimmick of Dark Agartha seems to be dancing with an unending barrage of uninterruptible AoEs, which doesn’t really need build adaptation.


Can we please have a way to lock the locations of our bags without pinning them open?

And a way to change where vendor windows open instead of having to either arrange our inventory around the vendor window or move the vendor window again every session?



I still have 2519 AP I need to gain and spend on my capstones before Dark Agartha is something that I can do.

Have not counted how much SP I need.