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[Dark Agartha] I am disappointed by the challenge provided by Dark Agartha. No, introducing Elite 15 and bumping up the scaling values will not provide the sort of challenge I was expecting.

Before this content launched, it was suggested that there would be a great deal of randomness and shuffling which would present a challenge for even the hardened players. Fast forward two weeks, I find myself running the whole thing with same one-fits-all build every day, without even reading the pre-battle lore anymore. I’ll try to expand.

  • Impairs are almost non-existant. Pretty much every ability is uninterruptible and any fight that requires impairs is fine with 1.

  • Cleanses are spread around with no sense of urgency. Nothing of the likes of Rot Iron that requires immediate attention. A single drone appears to be enough for all fights.

  • Purges… Am I missing something? I don’t recall seeing a single effect that had to be purged.

  • Exposes, Debilitates or DoTs… Why not have some mods which require them, like some lair bosses do?

All in all: 1 impair, 1 cleanse, some self healing and you’re good to go without any necessity to change the way you “approach the challenge”. The only gimmick of Dark Agartha seems to be dancing with an unending barrage of uninterruptible AoEs, which doesn’t really need build adaptation.


Can we please have a way to lock the locations of our bags without pinning them open?

And a way to change where vendor windows open instead of having to either arrange our inventory around the vendor window or move the vendor window again every session?



I still have 2519 AP I need to gain and spend on my capstones before Dark Agartha is something that I can do.

Have not counted how much SP I need.


Re-appreciating how many monsters blend into their landscape by resembling ubiquitous environmental objects, for example aptrgangr-looking fungi, krampus-like shrubbery, scarecrow-esque tree stumps.
This atmosphere is more dynamic and threatening when the object you’re avoiding is benign or potentially about to ambush you.

Increase the size of SMS close icon, Agent Network page turn arrows and Anima-Essence restoration button.


[Feedback] I really liked all the mini-quests related to the christmas bosses. It made them looked really unique (not just the random encounter on the map like with the normal mini bosses).


This! And why have the GUI designers ever thought it was a good idea to have single-pixel-wide elements in the first place?



It’s been way too long since there has been an attempt to balance weapons. For tanking, healing, and damage there are weapons that are far above others. Damage in particular should be much more closely balanced as it is something all weapons should have equal access too.


[PvE] We need more Miss Plimmswood/Dame Julia flashbacks.


I’ve noticed if your turn your background download speed, it helps when opening Friends/Cabal/Ignore window. If you’re crashing when opening your Friends/Cabal/Ignore list I suggest turning your background download speed to the lowest speed as possible. :bulb:


Return to the Nexus of Power.


Everybody re-installs TSW classic, they can come back here to SWL for story, IF and when it gets a decent update and still continue to play this amazing game called TSW in the meantime.
Makes perfect sense.


I do miss Pulling the Strings. And Fusang, of course! Though I always preferred the hecticness of Stonehenge.

Great to see you active again, even if it’s to promote the other game! :stuck_out_tongue:

[Suggestion] Alternate animations for abilities, like the old TSW Chaos Crossbow animations, Chaotic Pull’s chain animation for Evulsion, etc. More customisation would rock.


Spotted a small text error at Security Five. A currier is something to do with leathermaking, and while I really wouldn’t be surprised if Orochi were making leather with their ‘samples’, it probably should read “courier” :smiley:


Add a “restart” button at the end of an Occult Defense scenario, restarting the scenario at the initial level.


Or at least let people use the group finder inside a completed scenario.


Make new easy to acquire agent with good aggro multiplier. Endgame dungeons are a pain with old dps overgearing new tanks almost twice.


Using agents to provide weapon agnostic passives is a really good idea, nice one. :v:

While we’re on the subject of agents, can we get previous/next buttons at the top of an agent’s character sheet so we can scroll through them without having to go in and out of the UI constantly?


-Adding a platform to Agartha with exclusive items from a mysterious supernatural mercator like an alien or exiled filth, which only appears at determined times of the day or comes every 1 or 2 weeks like the one from Warframe. Exclusive cosmetics, mounts, lets and dark filthy equipment and weapons, even a gadget which deploys a copy of a filth ally? Also with it own side missions in order to unlock his mercancy.
-Old auxiliary weapons like whip, chainsaw and quantum as full weapon to diversify abilities. Don’t release the rocket launcher due to the fact it’s better for some missions.


[Suggestion] Change missions’ icons for factions’ missions to identify them more easily and as it’s not classical missions (end-game missions). My personnal proposition with missions’s icons at the color of faction with a faction’s symbol white inside.

dragon%20faction%20mission mission templar%20faction%20mission