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[Suggestion][Title] Les Gilets Jaunes / The Yellow Vests

Les gilets jaunes, en france, ce sont les gens moyens devenus pauvres au fur à mesure des années, menés par les politiciens sans coeur, appauvrisant de plus en plus les gens moyens.
Les gilets jaunes est un symbole pour nous les français et surtout le ras le bol de mendier pour finir nos fins de mois.
Pour cela que je demande, si vous pouvez le mettre en titre, car c’est une chose très importante en France, montrant notre colère contre la société et le capitalisme. Merci!

Yellow jackets, in France, are the average people who became poor over the years, led by heartless politicians, impoverishing more and more the average people. The yellow vests is a symbol for us French and especially fed up with begging to finish our ends of the month. For that I ask, whether you can add an ingame title, because it is a very important thing in France, showing our anger against society and capitalism. Thank you!


[Suggestion] Reintroduce all the whispering tide content as an end-game content.
Change the introduction of all 3 parts of events as, since the bomb has exploded at tokyo, 3 parts of agartha are locked because infected by the filth and sometimes, agents need to go inside this 3 zones to clean it.

This type of content could be launch as in update call : “Agartha infected” with :

  • Flappy raid
  • “Enter the filth 1”
  • “Enter the filth 2”

Enter the filth can become a new end-game content as “Elite missions” with final chest or maybe dungeon. You can do it a solo or in group of 5 (as a classical mission or at 5 if the content is choosen to be a dungeon). This 2 missions/dungeons can use the scaling tech.

The comeback of all this 3 parts of event, coud be useful to reintroduce Whispering Tide rewards.
You can will win the immaculate carapace parts with the raid and pets with “enter the filth”. Between this two contents, can be create an other drop, a weapon collection tell as “weapons infected by the filth”. This collection will be exclusive at the agartha infected content and induce filthy damages at your ennemies (an opposite of weapon touched by anima)

It’s an idea that I have in my head since a LOOOONG time :slight_smile:

Two little video about enter the filth for players as me with new version of the game, haven’t known this content.

Enter the filth 1

Enter the filth 2


On the flipside, the british yellow vests are straight up fascists, so maybe it’s best to leave real world politics out of things. :v:


Fix up your software so game doesnt freeze randomly on loading screens.


Here in the UK MangaSpirit Labour supporters across the whole nation who in the hope of a Socialist Government applaud & stand with France & the yellow vests in their fight for a fairer society against the elitist 1% ,this is not a topic i expected to find within the SWL forums & probably has no place here as such , but my comment is sincere & i’d like you to know the world is watching & those of us who have had enough of corrupt government stand with you.


[Suggestion] [Misc] Here’s a bit of a big suggestion, but one that could potentially bring a lot more hours of enjoyment to the game, with a relatively low dev cost: Diablo/PoE-style seasons.

Basically, 5-6 month long seasons where every player would start fresh on a new character, with some incentives/goals to accomplish for rewards. Would probably need something like double XP rate, and heavily increased gear quality drops for the season, but it’d be a fun way to replay the story, repopulate early content (like early level dungeons), and earn a few exclusive cosmetics for it, and it doesn’t really require the devs create much new content, although they could always give it some new gimmicks to spice things up. Once a season ended, players could get an equivalent amount of distillates mailed to their default character pool as a reward (on top of any challenge-earned goodies), so you still get some permanent progress on your main character.


[feedback] “Signet of Nemain” was probably designed with the intention of being an “Occult Defense Signet”, but somehow during the design process, it was forgotten that a certain weapon combination (KSR+Inverter) deals its single target damage through AoE abilities. So the “OD Signet” is the undisputed champion for the already strongest single target DPS build, carrying it even further away than the closest alternatives.

[request] Please explain the design process of this signet and how it managed to make it to release.


I agree, the Nemain looks fun at first and a good little dps boost for aoe builds. Until you realize that the top DPS builds (AR and Hammer), have already crazy strong aoe skills in their single target rotations. There was already a significant balance gap in the weapons and it just got even wider.


I don´t think that politics belong into the game.

If they add one specific item like a “Yellow Vest” for example it will start a wave of requested similar items because everyone wants to express his own political standpoint. The Endresult will probably be a mixture of Items with … lets say Swastikas, Anarchy-Symbols, or Communist-Stuff on it for example, you name it.

And it will probably result in people argueing and fighting over their political views instead of enjoying the game, because a lot of people will wear that stuff to show other players which political faction they belong to or to intentionally provoke them.

There is a reason that many mmorpgs don´t allow political or religious discussions in the general chat, exactly because of that reason.

Politics just don´t belong into MMO(RPG)s, sorry!


Tone down the intrusive popup ads. Once a day is plenty to remind me that, even though I’m already a patron, there’s a better offer. You don’t need to rub it in my face every single time I log in or switch characters!


It is arguably bad enough that a level 1 green nemain signet is better than a maxed red of any other option for that slot, but it definitely does seem to be even better for what was already the most effective builds in the game.

On another note, it would be really nice to be able to split up red items(perhaps with some loss of XP to the component parts) back into yellows for use in fusions.


It would be really nice to be able to use next tier item for fusing with previous tier. i.e. any level red would substitute for level 35 yellow, yellow for purple etc.


[Misc Suggestion] With the Valentine bag events, one thing that’s becoming more and more apparent is the event items take up extremely valuable inventory space. Perhaps like the mission item bag we could have one for event items.


[PvE][Interface] An Activity Suggest system.
The system will suggest joining unfinished groups based on selected preferred roles and IP/elite level. Meaning that a queued group needing only a tank will automatically send a suggestion for the most eligible tank for the given activity. This should be getting more Activity Finder groups assembled faster, and possibly inspire people to do activities they are eligible for. The suggestion box will need to be subtle not to interfere with whatever the player is doing and only stay up for ~10 seconds so it can be ignored completely. The goal is to make the system a mutual benefit and for tanks and healers to enjoy the suggestions and encourage being spontaneous, rather than making them tick off their preferred roles in annoyance.

This is a suggestion from a pure dps if it’s not already clear :sweat_smile:


Unless you’re suggesting a totally different popup window, the Activity Finder already does this, doesn’t it? There’s little icons beside each elite tier showing which role is most needed to make a group (it’s normally tanks).
I suspect that most tanks would leave the tank box unchecked until they were wanting to queue if there were popups linked to having the tank icon selected.


Unless you’re suggesting a totally different popup window, the Activity Finder already does this, doesn’t it? There’s little icons beside each elite tier showing which role is most needed to make a group (it’s normally tanks).

I see it more as an expansion to that feature. The point is to make a specific player know that he/she is needed by the second, so he/she will take a spontaneous decision. As it is now, you won’t know if your role is needed unless you actually think of doing activities from the finder.

I suspect that most tanks would leave the tank box unchecked until they were wanting to queue if there were popups linked to having the tank icon selected.

This worries me as well, but I feel that was already addressed in my former post. Just imagine a small prompt box in the left side of the screen, not interfering with anything, just letting you know, and you can choose to ignore it if you wish. Then the next tank/healer in line will be notified.


Tbh I doubt it’d work. A lot of tanks end up burned out, and it’s common to end up feeling irritated by people who see you log in and immediately jump you for a group. If that was then automated, you’d be annoying a lot of people who feel pressured to run stuff.

The point is that it’s fine as long as you have joined the queue. Removing the player’s choice is a risky proposition.


The problem with the Tank icon is it shows up regardless if there’s a group of 4 other people, or nobody at all queued. Would be better to just do it properly and have it list the number of people in each role waiting, not rely on a single icon. Then if you see there’s 75 dps and 0 tanks maybe you’re a little more motivated to be #1 in the tank queue instead of #76 in the dps queue.


I totally see your point and I can’t speak for tanks or healers - but i can’t imagine it would hurt anyone to have a subtle box appearing that doesn’t expect you to react on it. The tank will either ignore it or think ‘what the hell’ and the group is ready to go. I just believe the payoff is so much bigger than the trouble that is an almost non-existing dialogue box at the needed role’s end.

EDIT: Maybe I’m slow, but i just realized it would be the equivalent of an automated ‘LF1M tank for ■■■’. Your choice is to take it, leave it or completely ignore it.


A simpler option would be an automated chat channel, then people can subscribe/unsubscribe to it as they wish. Kind of like the current “there are x people in the social window” messages but saying “elite dungeons need tanks/occult defence needs healers/Lisa needs braces” or whatever. :v:

Edit: an even simpler option is just ask people to stick a post-it note to their monitor that says “everything needs tanks” - that’d be entirely opt-in and accurate 99.9% of the time