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Also Finder to properly update role icon when you’ve signed up for it.


The point here is not to remind people what is needed or what is less popular. It’s about pinpointing the eligible player. It’s the mentality of being the chosen one rather than one in a bunch that makes this system more effective. Putting a specific player on the spot with a yes/no/ignore situation should make them more likely to take them job.


And how are you going to do that without people choosing to sign up for specific roles? Your system is basically “have everyone join the groupfinder automatically when they log in” but presumably have the game guess at what roles they can fill? :v:

It does, it just doesn’t update in real time, presumably for performance reasons.


The preferred roles never change or reset. Mine is always set to dps at least.


Ok, so you are literally just suggesting everyone should be in the groupfinder queue at all times lol.

Edit: instead of theorycrafting new and more intrusive ways to encourage people to tank, you could just learn to tank yourself. Be the change, and all that. :v:


It only updates in between attempting to form groups, if a bunch of people are afk that means once a minute.

Also obviously it’s buggy since it can show tanks needed for only half the levels I queue for.

Once you do queue for tank you quickly find out that nobody signs up to heal either, probably because it’s a catch 22 role.

Although as always the real problem is there are too many tiers and they don’t ramp in difficulty in a sensible way. If you tank, every tier takes roughly the same length of time because you get 3 dps who are barely qualified to run it, so you may as well never sign up for anything lower.

If E5 took half as long as E9 then I’d be happy to run it for the 2000 distillates instead of 3600s but no… it usually takes longer cause E9 has the >e10 players in it and e5 doesn’t have anyone who can run e6.


There’s er big difference, and I’m sorry if I’m not explaining myself well enough.

I simply don’t enjoy tanking, just like the rest. In reality, i think that’s the main problem here :smile:


While I don’t think it would solve the issue of there being 50 dps for every tank and healer, I do think it’d be a bit easier to find groups if tanking and healing ever get sorted out. Currently, anyone who joins the game wanting to be a tank, collects a full set of tank gear (because why would you not assume tank gear is the right way to tank?) and tries to join groupfinder will just get a ton of grief from everyone involved for not running the one true build and needing a healer. Healers arguably have it worse, since their role is completely unnecessary.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people who would have tanked just give it up when you combine the fact that it’s incredibly stressful (a single missed cooldown wipes the group and you’re the lightning rod for blame) with the fact that in any given group you might have dps players with double your ip (or more) who can switch to tank and do the job much better than you, leaving you doing a role you don’t enjoy and doing it badly. :v:


You would be correct. I know (well, mostly knew, because they have mostly moved on to greener game pastures) several would-be tanks who gave up on it. High-IP players that can take over weren’t so much a problem, generally; if they explained how to best do a fight that gave the low-IP tank trouble, that was even appreciated. The sorry excuse for a gear system (particularly pre-AA) and the unfun boss fight design were the real tank discouragements.


[Suggestions - Faction Missions]

  • Give us a teleport to faction HQ
  • Put a mission terminal in our faction HQ so we can just go straight on to the next mission
  • Get rid of the pointless “Return to New York” / “Return to London” stages at the end of Into Darkness and Venetian Missile Crisis - just have us go directly to our HQ/end the mission
  • Reduce either the health of enemies or the number of enemies in VMC, it’s still a slog :v:

[Suggestions - UI]

  • Make the teleport window bigger/use tabs so that there’s less scrolling involved
  • Add more pages to the build manager
  • Break the build manager into sub-sections so we can save gear/abilities/agents separately

[Suggestions - Agent System]

  • Make the distillates free to use - I know this keeps being suggested but really, what’s the justification for not doing this? The ratio of time it takes to get them versus the amount of xp they give means they’re never going to be a serious way to level your gear, merely a bonus so having to pay to use them feels kind of bad
  • Change the resource costs of missions so that not everything (apart from some tier 1 missions) is a net loss or give us another way to earn resources
  • Add some agent gear that increases resource rewards
  • Make the shard rewards from missions less random - 2k shards isn’t such an earth-shattering bounty that it needs to come with the chance that you’ll only get 200 instead :v:
  • Get rid of the items that buff two stats, they’re trap items - they are always worse than an equivalent quality item that buffs a single stat and gear is so hard to come by (especially at higher quality levels) that you feel cheated when you get an occult lexicon instead of a crystal ball (for example)
  • Give agents an affinity bonus for matching all of the bonus traits on every mission, not just the 3-trait ones - it’s weird that this only applies to the purple missions and it would make the mythic bonus trait gear a lot more useful
  • Don’t give green gear bags as rewards for higher tier missions - really, what possible use does someone running tier 4/5 missions have for an item that adds 10 to a stat?
  • Show exactly what an agent’s chance of an outstanding result is as well as their overall affinity

The druid agents that give +10% damage versus a certain enemy type were a really bad idea. If you were going to add a feature that everyone would just install a mod to manage, you might as well have implemented that mod in the base UI yourselves. :v:


This game could use a fresh start server, that‘s there to stay, similar to the new AO server.

Edit - explanation for the smiley abuser below :

When I got my first alt to E10, I realized that that trip was a rather lonely one, because everybody was already “there”. A better leveling experience (aka “the Journey”) could be provided if everyone would start fresh !
Without the fresh start, alt #2 will feel just as lonely as alt #1 did. Of course, a “Saga” approach, where the characters are rolled into the standard enviroment, would probably work as well.


Why? I can’t think of a single good reason why we’d want to split the player base like that. :v:


I agree that SWL could and should incentivize rolling alts instead of borderline punishing players for doing so, but I don’t think segregation is the way to go.

Short-term, an occasional “newbee” event could be fun. Give everyone an extra character slot and a certain amount of time, and anyone who meets set criteria at the end of the event (e.g. reach level 50, finish Translyvania, complete every story dungeon, etc) gets a reward that can be claimed by any character on the account.

Long-term, SWL could really use proper shared storage, account-wide premium currencies and account-wide purchases for cosmetics and QoL features.


+1 on this that would be fun


I unlocked the rainbow stride sprint recently and it occurred to me that it’d be nice if there were versions for some of the other LGBT pride flags. :v:


Similar to the Saga servers for Age of Conan, then?
(Limited timer server with some special rewards, everyone has to make new characters for them, and at the end characters are merged back onto one of the standard servers.)


So this thread is a bit over an year old. How many suggestion has ended up to live?


No. As I said above, I don’t think splitting the community is a good idea, even for a limited event.


At a guess, not a huge amount. I suppose just because they sound amazing to us, doesn’t mean they’d be practical or popular. Still, I’d like to think the devs at least give them consideration, even if it’s just to laugh and throw them out.

Interestingly, the next comment here will be the one-thousandth.


[Suggestion] Add Sif Minervudottir, Neamhain and :hexcoin: to potential Spoils of Equinox rewards.

Next reply here will be the 1000th reply.