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[Misc] Add some distillates into Spoils of the Equinox loot.

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[Misc] Once you max any red signet allow to change them easily in builds with no cost to remove them.


[Achievements] add a “Bad Person” or “Team Killer” title to the achievement “You’re a Bad Person” (Occult Defense).

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Make the timer in Dark Agartha shorter but have it only tick down while we’re in combat. I’m having ISP issues lately and between the issues themselves and phonecalls from engineers, DA is an absolute joy I can tell you. :v:

Seriously though, if we were only being timed for the actual fights then the cool new “instance stays open when you disconnect” tech might actually serve a purpose instead of just being a cruel joke.


Can we get a ground targetting mode where we absolutely will not get the green circle unless we hold ctrl? With “invert simple ground targetting” turned on, when my target and/or I are moving (and especially with lag) I keep getting the green circle up because the reticle moved off the target for a split second and it’s incredibly annoying - it feels like the reticle is much less forgiving for attacks that are ground targetted.


[Suggestion] Have the activity finder not place you into a group with someone on your ignore list.
If you’ve had a problem with them in the past, you’re unlikely to be thrilled about grouping with them or eating a deserter debuff.


Can that happen? If that can happen, it definitely needs looking into.


[Suggestion] Would it be possible to integrate a log for the deposit and removal of objects from the cabal bank?


[Suggestion] Give us some less “tacticool” assault rifle skins - they don’t all need scopes and grenade launchers stuck all over them (and indeed, some of the more fantastical ones don’t).


I am almost positive that in TSW officers could check that, I don’t know if the same is still possible in SWL tho.


Sadly not. We had logs of Pax deposits and withdrawls, but not objects.


And in SWL the log in CB are useless actually


More enemy variety in OD.
I remember there used to be scarecrows in there when it first came out. Don’t think I’ve seen any Ak’ab, Demon hyenas, Fata Padurii, Golems, Komainu, Kongamoto, Orochi drones, Scorpions, Wendigo, or Werewolfs.

The old Chronicles window from TSW.
It was ultimately pointless but it was a little bit of extra competitiveness between players and cabals that was pretty fun.

The missing dungeons and raids (obviously).
I’d rather they release them one by one than all at once if that’s what they had planned. It’ll slowly add more variety and I’m pretty sure most the community would rather that happen than all at once.

Aegis system.
I can’t be the only one that liked it… It was pretty important for the Tokyo dungeons iirc. I actually enjoyed it despite the grind too since it gave me something to do since I had max gear back in TSW.

More PvP.
At this point the PvP scene is more dead than Warframes… The old PvP maps and modes would be a great way to get more people doing that again.

Squatting emote.
The vampires have it, can we finally get it?

Missing items.
The Tank Commander Blade item (and the other missing one) would be great. Even if it’s just in the museum vendor for 100k shards.

Adjust brightness in OD.
Half the time the only reason some enemies get past is because the level is dark enough they blend in with the shadows and you miss them/


Employ more staff in the SWL departments please.


Scarecrows might have only ever been in the Seek & Preserve Scenario. But I agree that anything new to fights would be a relief.
The leaderboards page might be what you are looking for.
Also check out Emotes > Stances > Sitting: Lookout. This might be the one you are wanting?

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Yeah you’re right on the Scarecrows… Either way, it would be good for new enemies in the OD.
The leaderboards page sort of is what I mean, but there was drop down options for comparing cabals, and members within your own cabal too.


[Interface] For a character’s highest known item power to be included in their Character Sheet stats, as this is the number checked by the Activity Finder and also in determining some mission difficulty.

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As a result of a series of unfortunate events some previous suggestions I’ve made on my behalf and for a friend :dog2: have gone missing… So I thought putting some of the more important ones back.

This one is for you Jac;


Just use a normal sprint. :v: