Feedback: Too dark on the coast during Maelstrom

I like much of the lighting effects that Siptah has brought to the game. However, when the Maelstrom storm is going on, its a bit “too dark” on the coast. I get that its a magical storm and that its stationary, but its also a game and its just a bit much on the darkened ‘fog’ effect on the coast when one is not engaging the maelstrom. Please ease up a bit on the non-Maelstrom areas.

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I agree that it is a bit dark…

It seems it may depend on your monitor settings and such… I also find the whole map fairly dark whilst the Maelstrom is going on but others have said it’s way too bright.

During the day on my server it’s almost like night time when the storm is going. ‘Normal’ night is pitch black just like in exiled lands for me.

The fact that during nights i do not have to use torches, and maelstorm i don’t have to as well, it is not too dark.

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