Feedback video about chapter 3

I made a small video giving feedback on the chapter 3 beta after playing it for several days and some feedback on the game in general.
Forgive me my editing skills. Hope you enjoy.
Conan Exiles The Age of War Chapter 3 Beta Feedback - YouTube

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Nice video. I have a few comments to make about it, even though most of your questions were purely rhetorical.

  • The darkness
    For what it’s worth, even if playing in the dark is a pain on the PvE servers, it looks also a bit more realistic this way. Have you ever been in a place located away from light pollution? At night, it is so pitch black that you cannot see where your feet land. So it would make sense to have to use your torch more in Conan, to be able to see something in those dark places. In PvP, I believe the darkness is more welcomed than in PvE.

  • Time for damage
    I can’t talk about that, I don’t understand the PvE settings, let alone the PvP ones.

  • List of servers
    The private servers look more populated than the official ones, at the time of recording. You remark that the solo/duo and wipe labeled servers are quite in demand. I remark that the 18+ and fantasy RP servers are quite in demand. But, that’s a PvP server search. Maybe people lean towards private servers more because they are more friendly to PvP than the official ones (cases of cheating)?
    In comparison, when I launch the search for PvE servers, I remark that the popular servers are… yeah… still 18+, never mind :sweat:

  • The Battle Pass
    No comment :zipper_mouth_face:

  • The Exiles Journey
    I agree with you about the sequence part. It would be nice to have the steps marked as done when you realize them, rather than having to check the right box before doing them.

  • Level max
    I disagree. What makes people different is in part that they chose different attributes because they have a limited amount of points to distribute. Encumbrance is really nice, I would be upset if they were to remove it. But it comes with a cost. You must choose when to use it and when not to, and your choice will distinguish you from your neighbour, I love it. And there are many potions to readjust your character depending on what you want to do. Craft and use those potions many times per session if you need, do not underestimate their value. It’s just as important as knowing when to switch of tool.

  • Purges
    No comment, have yet to test what’s in store for us.

Level max. In PVP if you would start playing on a PVP-server.You have to run around in the encumberance build.
Now, because the servers never wipe.There are players who already collected all their heavy materials and now patrol hotspots in a strength build with the best gear.
The frustration you feel when one of these players kills you and simply steals all your valuable stuff is something to experience in life.
On a high pop server there are many players like that and it is not uncommon to get raided on a daily basis for 7 days in a row when starting fresh.
Just think about that for a sec. You start a game and everyday for 7 days in a row,the only thing you get to keep from all your hard work is the levels and the recipe you have unlocked.Who wants to play guys? :slight_smile: Noone? Yeah its shows in the playerlist.
Not only is the encumberance build superweak vs the pvp strength build with atributes alone.On top of that, the gear like weapons,potions,food,armor,etc
Go to Dogs of the Desert training server and try doing some pvp in a encumberance build while having your weight at least above 75%.You will not stand a chance.
Get spotted as a new player on a pvp server: Back to the stone age.
The pvp strength build has full strength,vitality and him extra movement speed,faster rolling,less stamina drain on anything,faster stamina regen,etc…
It just doesnt make any sense to make certain builds so OP in comparison to the early game of a player in a pvp setting.Pvp is about Player vs Player and not about PVE .The gap is too big when choosing a specific build.
just let us have all attributes on pvp servers,noone cares for pve anyways there,its just to get weapons,armor and bombs.

The darkness: If i want to be in darkness i can simply go outside and experience the inability to see anything.When im playing computer games i want to see the game im playing, because i didnt spend 2k on a pc with a good graphics card and monitor only to log in and have half the time my screen completely black

The reason people flok to these private solo,duo,trio servers is because they dont want to sit in discord with a bunch of people who have the tv on ,kids,pets,etc screaming in the background.While beeing reminded every 5 min for 5hrs a day to check the event log.
Knowing that what they build is actually useless because in the back of their mind they already know they cant be online 7 days a week 5hrs a day.
The moment they are actually online during raid time, half their clan isnt and they get steamrolled by a 10 man clan who happened to be online that day.
Back to the stone age.
7 days of getting robbed to work your ass off to get a base going only to see it get destroyed 2 days later.Not because you didnt have the skill or time to defend it.Because simply,the raid times are insane and encumberance build cant compete with strength build.

Hello, Rust is pvp at its core;Thats the difference between exiles and rust.

Exiles is designed with a pve in mind.

Splitting conanexiles into 2 different games; 1 for PVP and PVE would solve so many problems.
Its like they try to satisfy everyone but that never works.Its a utopia.Thats why almost noone plays the game.The PVE is too easy for pve players and the PVP is so punishing and dedication demanding (lose literally everything when you get killed,be online from 18,00 till 23,00 .7 days a week)
Anyways, having all attributes would allow anyone to defend themselves against another player.
The only handicap would then be the gear,potions,buffs,thrall and thrall gear.
It wouldnt solve the problem but players would at least know that once they have the gear they will have a fair fight against a player who has been on the server for longer. While even farming heavy materials.
Make encumberance less punishing,let everyone run the same speed and give us all attributes so building up from zero is really easy.

Thank You

Its painfull to see.I hope they realize and do something about it.

Thank you for the video. I share most of your opinion here.

  • The lag
    • It’s a HUGE problem for Conan Exiles. As soon as a server with decent server hardware hits 60 players, the lag starts happening. Especially in raid time, when all the building damage calculations, player inputs etc. needs to be processed by the server. There is ZERO optimization in this game on both client and server.
  • The darkness
    • It’s just annoying. As you said. That’s why most PvP servers have a night time of 1 second.
  • Official server raidtime
    • Official server raidtimes are a joke. Put in a building limit of 5-6k pieces and set it to 2-3 hours.
  • Checkbox for modded servers
    • Should be enabled by default. Seriously. Highlight modded servers in the server list or display an icon so players can see it immediatly. This option turned on could be so good for PvP as well, because then private servers can start making/using PvP balance mods.
  • Legendary Armor
    • They rebalanced legendary weapons but as incompetent and stupid as Funcom are, they obviously had to forget about the armors!!!
  • Battle pass
    • After their initial claim, that the BP/Bazaar would be only cosmetics and then they release building pieces, that have more HP, require easier to retrieve materials or weapons with higher damage. This is straight up lying to the playerbase. Another sign of their incompetence.
  • It’s all about money
    • YES! The latest chapters were the most lacklaster content patches I have ever seen in Conan. Just to dish out new bazaar/BP items. Ofc, they are a greedy corporation, so they have to make money. Especially for Tencent… They don’t care about the players anymore.
  • Journey system
    • I agree that having to do this in sequence is bad.
  • The perks (or having level 80)
    • The Beast of Burden perk needs to go IMO. People should start using followers like camels or bearers when going to farm. This is enabling more content. Raiding will also be more interesting because you can’t run with all your loot anymore. The other perks have been discussed a lot already, but the 15 agility perk is the most OP perk in the game and a MUST HAVE for PvP.
  • The Purge or PvE in general
    • “There is no challenge”. True, PvE in general is too easy. If I die, it’s just because of lag or desync.
  • Pop up for players raiding you
    • Currently you have to check the eventlog over and over. Which is dumb. Now, with the battering ram, you can raid players even more silently now. So a pop up would be good.
  • Report META
    • Just stupid that you can wipe players that you can’t beat by simply reporting them. Another big reason for me to not play on official servers.
  • Public Beta Branch
    • The castle is a joke. You only need to break 1 wall to get to the boss room, because you can climb it easily. You can simply walk there with level 1, maybe get to 5 for 5 points in encumbrance, then collect a battering ram, break the wall and buy some nice thralls with the collected gold. You also get a free legendary katana for PvE. How nice.
      And yes, the performance is crap. Idk why they could not fix it in 3 months!!! that foundations or building pieces spawn in itself, lol. And why does the game take ages to connect to Funcom live services? Are you transferring my private data to Tencent or what?

It takes that long with the Beta Client because it doesn’t work, afaik. What we see is the timeout.

Ah yes, felt like 30 seconds, the default timeout time.

Possibly. I was not expecting it, because usually when it can’t connect to FLS, you are unable to play.

Can’t wait to see the new tavern system they hype so much remain in the "beta phase’ once chapter 4 ends and the new thing must be pushed out. Just like good ol’ sorcery.

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