Feral flesh disappearing or being changed into shredded roast

We have a private server. Ever since the big Pippi update feral flesh has been hard to come by. We are on our third rabbit hutch and the amount of meat we get is anemic at best. I have looted kills that show feral flesh as one of the items obtained, but if you open your inventory it has changed to shredded roast or disappeared all together. Just to test a theory our admin put 1000 feral flesh in one of our preservation boxes tonight. Almost before he finished putting it there, the counter was going downwards. When he checked it about an hour later every spec of feral meat was gone. It’s hard to feed some of your animals when the food they need is nonexistant. Please help!!!

If the Pippi Mod is on a Test-Live server, Funcom will not be able to fix/answer this.

Funcom recommends that you do not run mods on Test-Live since issues frequently occur and it is difficult to know if it is a Funcom issue or a Mod issue.

I know this does not help, I figured I would respond to hopefully provide clarification.

Actually, I think I put this in the wrong area. I was trying to post it in the PC bugs forum, unless the outcome will be the same.

For clarification, is this mod on a server running the Live version or Test-Live version of Conan Exiles?

Either way, it appears to be a mod-issue with Pippi.

If it is only happening in Test-Live and not in the Live version, then Pippi might not have updated the mod for the Test-Live version, if that makes sense.

Did you check to see if this is a known issue from the developers of Pippi?

EDIT: I posted a question on Pippi Workshop in STEAM regarding this question.

I feel really safe in going out on a limb and saying Pippi doesn’t do this. It might be a different mod.

The easiest way to check if this is mod related is to see if you have the problem in a single player game. If you do drop all mods and see if the problem persists. If it does then it’s a base game issue. If it doesn’t add one mod back at a time until you can recreate the issue. Once recreated you can go a bit further to isolate the mod causing the issue by loading just that mod. If the issue is gone you have a mod conflict. If the issue is still present then notify the mod author and give them the steps you used so they can reproduce the issue.

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Okay, thanks for the info. I’ll try your suggestion and see what pans out.

Agreed. Since the entire modlist was not posted there is no way to know. This logic of testing is valid to determine which mod is causing the issue.

Removing all mods except Pippi in the solo-player game will provide instant answer if Pippi is the culprit, which is highly unlikely.

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