Few Suggestions from a guy who's played since Day 1 of EA

1: As a colorblind player. The UI changes are kind of annoying to deal with. the dark background with the dark coloring to indicate how full you are or empty, is hard for me to actually see easily. I have to constantly open my inventory to see what’s going on. Please rework or allow for veriations in color scheme

2: Related to the the first suggestion. Allow players to modify their own User Interface. Allow for an easily costumizable UI. Something I’ve loved in some MMORPG’s, like Everquest, was to give players this ability. It doesn’t give any advantages, but allows us to adjust things to better suit our personal preferences.

3: Please add a loot filter of some kind, allow us to option out of looting human flesh if we don’t want it, or bone, or bugs, seeds. things we don’t want to clutter our inventory/weigh us down.

+1 for the loot filter.

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