Finally make it impossible to claim resources so they never spawn

As the Title says, look on server 3131 whole brimstone lake is claimed
is that an intended game mechanic?
People cheat and glitch themself 100000 of dragon powder and at the same time
they spam claim the lake , what a f… gameplay expirience.

can you please finally make areas with resources and obelisks unclaimable
? One solution could be to just use the already in place funktionallity that also prevents you from claiming and building in NPC camps.

i am a software developer and in know things are often harder than they look at first but it should be fixable with not too much effort.

I have this game on PC , Xbox one and PS4 and i love it and i love to see how it gets better.


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You know theres a cave filled with crocs that is filled with brimstone.
People cannot build there

Brimstone litters the eastern seaboard.

Finally LOOT everyone especially in the north but SEP city also has drops that are mostly elite materials.

Also a spider cave and the Chosen’s cave. Both can load you up a bit on brimstone, but honestly, just a fraction of what the brimstone pools offer. As a dedicated server host, I’d just ban anyone trying to grief the game like that - in PvE. In PvP, sometimes I think “may the worst man/woman win” is what PvP is all about. Whomever can be the most horrible to other players and cause the rest of the server to quit is the winner of the game. Because in PvP, the goal isn’t to make a friendly helpful environment for other players is it? Kill or be killed? Steal or be stolen from? Does anyone think “I should go easy on them, so they don’t get mad and quit”??

There is a reason I never go PvP, because I am just not dark enough to want to make someone else have a miserable time playing a game. I just don’t understand how it is considered fun.

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hugo said itd ruin ppls bases if they took away the shattered springs. i say "so what, those ppl are fkn jerks who need to start over.


Yes and there’s also Sinner’s Refuge and Executioner’s Entrance/Deathwhisper as well. Unfortunately, while people cannot build in the caves, they can still block the brimstone and NPC spawns simply by building over top of them. :frowning:

FC is really bad at handling with griefers and stuff…

People or lets say exploiters/abusers also know that and that they can practically harass and grief people all they want, without any consequence.

THIS is also a major GAME (player amount) KILLER.

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