First time decorating 👨‍🎨

After so many games started, his is the first time I am actually decorating inside my main base.
The only thing I remember is that some items will loose stability if placed in top of others :flushed:. Carpets?
What are your recommendations about decorating interiors and exteriors :man_artist:?
All tips are welcome :heart:.

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almost all decorations are fairly cheap to craft, so I tend to not think about stability and just decorate how I want it to look.
Should anything lose stability and go poof, I just replace them or decide that maybe it was time to re-decorate that room :slight_smile:


Most of my chests are now on Khitan tables, but some still lie on the ground. Those are what worry me the most along with beds (do not want to get killed and have to walk the naked walk of shame from the desert :sweat_smile:).

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I never ever put beds on top of anything like fx carpets, they always rest directly on floor, and as for chests, well there are better ways to secure those, take a look at this guide :slight_smile:

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My advice would be to decorate any way you want to, but don’t place anything you really don’t want to lose into containers that are placed on top of other placeables.

Just as an example, if you have an Emissary of Haon-Dor that you managed to knock out during the brief time they were thrallable but you haven’t placed it (and seen it go poof when they fixed the bug), don’t put it in a chest you placed on top of a table or a shelf :wink:


Decorations are a pain :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Wait, I will upload some ideas and suit your self :wink:.
I always use some crates for placing cups, candles (laggy), scrolls, etc… and I try to put some notes with daggers on the wall

One Thrall is always a supervisor of the crafting station

Jars, cleaver and daggers on racks, selfs with small Jars, notes pinned on wall with daggers, big jars, fish trophies, literally almost all the decoratives fit in your kitchen.
An example of one kitchen I have in my boat

On a balcony put some statues and some stools with cups and pots, or you can use even taxidermy, I love the bats

Many choices again but dlcs help in decoration a lot tbh.

I hope I trigger your imagination :grin:, have fun :+1:t6:

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I liked so many of those decorations, thank you for sharing!

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