Fish Ponds for Season 4, Please

With Season 2 imminent, Season 3 is, mostly likely, fully planned, so I am making the request for a Fish Pond station. In it’s basic form, the Fish Pond would be just a place to put fish traps. In a more extensive form, it would be a station that took bait and gave you fish, perhaps after seeding it with normally caught fish.

A fish pond would let folks build well away from the water, but still get the benefits of fish harvesting.

If it is a better solution, add it to the Bazaar. I’d gladly pay for it.


They could redesign the large water :droplet: well to be a Koi pond.


I’ve been hoping for something like this. It could also have a small (1%) chance to get you crocodile hatchlings, if for no other reason than it would be amusing.


No game features behind a paywall, thanks.

Other than that, buildable water features would be very welcome. I guess the biggest challenge is creating an illusion of depth, as ideally the water should displace some land mass, but I suspect that wouldn’t be possible. So it would need to be set aboveground, unless Funcom comes up with a feature to displace ground mesh with empty space (which would probably give undermeshers new tools to exploit).

Perhaps even a bathtub or bath barrel in addition to fish ponds.


I imagine a fish pond could come in two or three tiers, similar to fish traps. One would be akin to a tank, the largest the size of the trebuchet base . The simplest approach would be to use the current traps with new skins.

It’s a bit late for that.

Every DLC is a paywall. The Battlepass is a paywall. Every Bazaar item is a paywall.

Hell, Siptah is a paywall because it unlocks recipes and mounts you cannot get in the Exiled Lands that you can use in the Exiled Lands.

But none of it is required. And neither are Fishponds.

Things cost money. This is a thing I want, so I am willing to spend money.

DLCs and other paid content don’t add features. They just add stuff we can use with those features.

Riding (feature) is free. Some mounts are paid.
Sorcery (feature) is free. Some clothes and weapons are paid.

New ways to gather resources would be a new feature. Even if you had a reskinned fish trap you could place on dry land, that would give you something better than we have now. And as we saw with the new cupboard and its nerf, Funcom doesn’t seem to want to sell anything that could be perceived as stronger or more useful than base game items.


Flotsam is a feature. Rhino mounts are a feature.

But neither is required. Neither is pay to win. As long as features are not pay to win, it’s all good, for me.

Features versus cosmetics is a bit of a debate in semantics. I don’t mind a paywall for content just so long as it’s not a ridiculous price relative to the content. (Looking at you, Oblivion Horse Armor.)

Hadn’t thought of the issue with depth as it deals with the ground mesh. Above-ground ponds/pools might be the way to go. That wouldn’t be too bad, honestly. Build some foundation, place the pond, then build a new floor to put the pond at “ground” level. That should even make it so that you can put ponds in your tree fort, if you’re so inclined.

Some people might complain about it, but it’d be worth it to have the option in the game.


That is an excellent idea.

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Fishing doc work station with fisherman thrall. Have a big bait box you can fill with grubs. L3s can make/use pole, named fisherman can make/use a net. L1 and L2 can harvest/rebait fish traps.


Nah, make it the Sorcerer thralls. Those lazy bones need something to do :rofl:

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Looks at explosive orbs. Nice day to go fishin’


A pit you could design and place like foundations and wall pieces that fills up over time would be nice. Be it a fish filled pond, hot spring, Belle Delphine bath water or molten lava for making your shrine more intimidating

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The fish ponds would be great to have.

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Fish tank idea : The pond styled big water well cause nobody actually use it … it it is basically too big, reskin as mentioned before, in topic but with some system , that there can be added fishes u catch from traps also crabs, and they are visual in it, + a possibility that they can grow and reproduce, and there is no decay timer for them if there is food in ponds !

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I have a fish pond of sorts, you know? :wink:

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They could give the capacity to put fish traps back in large water wells for everyone and a dlc version of pond for people who want to pay for it .everyone one is happy. What was the reason for not allowing fish traps in the water well caused game issues

Wouldn’t mind a fishing net to go with that!

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