Fix the single pillar having 15 day decay timer exploit

My server (6449 PvE) is riddled with these pillars (1000s)
These heros (that you never EVER seem to ban) love to surround bases with
pillars so you cant expand. Costs a few 1000 stones, nothing connecting them,
just randomly placed, yet have the full 15 day timer (7 days so, as if that matters)

Have screen shots.
Sent screen shots, 2 months ago, yet nothing.

Any chance this exploit will be resolved?
Any chance the two players that run dozens of pathways from one end of the map to the other,
the utmost perfect example of ban worth land claiming. Or the concept of attempting to claim the entire map is not worthy of a land claiming ban. Ooohh funcom, how pathetic are thee?

Hi @Gooseneck

Please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can look into it further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures