Foals moved out of Starting area?

First this patch seems to have fixed some of the issues I was having and for that I am most happy Funcom thank you.

On another note I do wonder why did you decided to move the foals out of the starter area? At level 20 when you can get a horse and grow it, well it is dangerous to go up north or over to set city by the lions, or to be honest into the jungle looking for a foal for most players. So I just wondered what brought up the decision to move them??

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The jungle isnt that dangerous at level 20. I actually setup my first base there last restart. I believe I saw foals right at the edge of the desert and jungle which is easy enough to do a ■■■■■■ and grab.

I assumed they took them out as noob river is pretty over run with thralls and creatures to begin with. Maybe it was for performance reasons.

(I find it funny it censored a perfectly harmless word)


I personally do not find either north or jungle that hard but was watching a stream last night with a group of new people who had never played Conan and to think of them going to jungle with no idea what is even there to find a foal seems a bit hard and it was, which is was , they all died to devil dogs, guess to be honest I felt bad for them.

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they are trying to make the game not so pathetically easy as it always has been. i completely agree with that decision

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lol well its only pathetically easy if you are level 60 and have every thing or maybe you play on easy mode no idea but it is not so pathetically easy for everyone, and so happy you agree with this new direction. I myself wonder why one week its a wonderful idea to put them in starting area and next week its not. Just seems silly to make changes for no reason from one week to the next to only make it harder for new groups of people coming in. When they could be putting their time in to fixing bugs not moving foals. I think better use of time in a game that has bugs that are months old.

Like think of it this way , they had time to move foals but not time to fix the fact that your thralls fall though the floors at times and are half in floor and half out of floor, yea so I just wondered why this and not something that is a bit more important.


Don’t know if it is the same for other platforms or modes, but on PC Version official PVE, there are two locations with foals, before you even reach the jungle.

Do you really need a horse to start the game? There’s plenty to do.


Well they aren’t denied access, they just have to go a bit further to get one. Its like anything else in a game with character development. There’s an appropriate time to get a horse and maybe when you’re on noob river, you’ve got bigger problems (like where to get iron). IDK, moving the horses seems like a non issue.

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Here’s something that puzzles me: why are low level players so worried about dying?

At level 20, you have no legendary weapons, no legendary armor, nothing that costs days of grinding to replace. So the worst thing that can happen to you at that level is that you can’t loot your stuff from your corpse and you have to replace it.

Have we all forgotten how we learned what we know about playing Conan Exiles?

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Most players are not accustomed to death having consequences (or potential consequences anyway) in games.

If Conan is the first kind of game one tries where this is the case (and I think it often is), it may come as a bit of a system shock, and make people averse to just headlessly charging in. Which is a good thing, if so.

The flip side of the coin is some people may become overly cautious, particularly as they start gaining something to lose.


I haven’t. I don’t just spend my time leveling thralls and horses, and building new stuff. I also started from scratch on a new official server, with my kid :wink:

Nobody wants to die. Nobody wants to lose their stuff. But that’s how we learn.

Yeah, no. I usually try to offer an argument, but this is wrong on so many levels that it’s really not worth it.

The vantage is immaterial when the statement is factually wrong. Let me quote that again:

The only way a legendary weapon can be “easy” for a newbie is if someone gives them the weapon. Whereas the ores are strewn over so much of the map, that the only way to make them truly scarce is to intentionally wall them in or suppress the node spawns.

Both yes and no. A particular legendary from the random chests, or a truly rare spawn, is harder - even at level 60. Getting any legendary may well be easier though.


I have to agree that losing your stuff at a low level when you have hardly a sword yet is horrific to a new player, and I also think many forget what its like to be new player and yes we all want to learn and as I have been to level 60 and back in a few play throughs I have come to be more careful when I venture into the more dangerous areas but really to be honest I like the warmer area so I always build something there for the first 30 or so levels and venture up north or to the jungle when I need the things it provides but @Shadoza is being very honest as its a heck of a shock to die and not be able to pick up your stuff be as it its slipped below the water and for whatever reason its not possible to reach though water in this game to get stuff. Or you run into a group you as a low level have no chance against and die and no way you can get back in that camp to get your stuff. We have all been there and its hard enough as a new player just learning how to craft, to build to survive.

Yes in SP yes much easier then on Official where every tom , dick and harry are being butt holes and killing you for no reason.

@CodeMage My issue was there was no reason to move them the foals other then to make it harder to get them. To be honest really there would be a much better chance of them being alive in the starter area then up in wolf central just out for a walk among the corrupted lol. For me it seems like a move that made no sense with so much going on since patch to move foals when they could have spent that time bug fixing but hey that is only IMO. I think that putting foal in the same area as a corrupted wolf or a saber cat or devil dogs makes no sense at all. They would be dead in 1 min flat, they would be food for those animals.


Very true but most of us do not go looking for that particular legendary until we are level 60 as can not open those chests anyway, so we get that chance to level and be a bit more prepared to be in the area where death comes for you often. At lower levels we are just trying to survive but even then maybe they want a horse too… To be honest I do not care for the horses so does not matter to me, the map is small enough, good deco in a stable but I was more worried for people starting out and trying this game, wanting to enjoy it also, maybe they want to try it out to buy well heck we all know we need more players so why make it harder for them to get to see those horses everyone wanted for so long. Just an observation that made no real sense to me at all so I asked what others thought.

Its only easy for veterans or hardcore survivalists that started over again and again during the last years pushing themselfs to level 60 in some hours. This game doesn´t need to get harder, its hard enough for most people, it just needs more content to keep the player occupied.

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Apparently, they haven’t removed all of the newbie river spawns, just most of them. I don’t really know why they did it, but my theory at the moment is that they want more foals in the more dangerous areas, so that the newbie river won’t be where lvl 60s go “en masse” to get their foals :wink:

The danger of comparing a video game to real life is that we sometimes overlook the differences: in real life, foals don’t just roam around alone like that. Horses are herd animals of prey. Their defense is running first, and fighting as a last resort, and they organize in herds to better defend themselves. Wolves (or saber cats) might thin the herd, but not completely destroy it. And the survivors are those who are the best at defending themselves and they get to pass on their gifts through reproduction.

@CodeMage Oh do not get me wrong the comparing of a video game to real life is silly but they want us to roll like in real life and take those extra moments to pull back our pike like in real life but they they put babies with corrupted wolves just breaks my immersion to be honest and for lvl 60s going to starter area in masse well guess that would be lazy on their part in my mind. The starting area is not always a safe area lol, I started new game this week had a pick and some beginner stuff we all gather, walked down and first animal I saw was a 10 ft corrupted Kappa. I have over 2500 hours in game and that Kappa killed me faster then I could say S*** so it’s not always easy down there the point I was wanted to make is that sometimes they do things that make no sense , redo work they do not need to , make changes that just seem to some ( notice I said some players not all ) players a waste of time when its better spent fixing issues we have that ruin our game play.

I have to agree with this, @Hel is right it is hard enough for most people who are not level 60 with the best gear and the best weapons with named thralls with the best gear and best weapons. What we need is less of these little changes after the fact and more real things to do. It was a waste of some devs time to put horses in the starting area to then take them out a week later is my point to make the game harder if it be for the ones at lvl 60 that would go easy and go down or for the people on a new game. It was time I feel is better spent on real issues that have been reported and still sit unfixed some reported months ago.

I can tell you as someone who has created a few little mods that I would spend my time fixing bugs in my mod before I would make a change no one needed or asked for with something that did no harm to my game but again that is just me and IMO>

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Nope it can be a heck of a surprise lol

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