Foldering System to the Cheat Menu

The modded Cheat/spawn menu is immensely low performing.

The reason is that the cheat menu is trying to load all NPC info, and all Spawnable mesh info at the same time. I got a pretty good computer and I still drop to 20fps or below and It’s not really good.

Either Move the NPC spawnlist to some other tab, or just allow us to load meshes as we open the folders, by this we will have an easier time to find what we are looking for aswell.

Finding something in spawn menu, especially if you do not know the name of the item you are looking for is nigh impossible sometimes. There are no proper categories.

We need more categorization in both ingame crafting, and both cheat/spawn menu. This is the real and one of the best, quality of life improvement developers can ever give to this game.

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The Pippi mod just added this to their Thespian merchant system; time for Funcom to do the same :smiley:

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It’s not “needed” a bit, it’s absolutely necessary and I do not know why it’s being disregarded by devs for so long… I thought foldering would make everyones job easier.

definitive yes

nice to have. I would spent the time in more important stuff, e.g. the still wonky AI


Surely. AI is a giant problem, but I honestly gave up about calling AI problems to funcom, perhaps appealing to easier things such as this, that would have relatively good impacts on unofficial servers and overall game performance.

This obviously goes for basic crafting benches, I want to craft certain thing, I type name, I see that I lack material, I go to chest, comeback, and now I’ve to type again to find the recipe.

It doesn’t save your last craft, it doesn’t save the scroll, or it doesn’t have a foldering system, you need to search everything again. If you don’t know the name of what you are looking, its doomed time to time.

I just want a bit more quality of life when it comes to crafting and stuff.

And yes damn, some ai improvements would be nice. Enemy npc’s still see palisades as impassable terrain…


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