Foliage and rocks regrown and unable to build onto existing building

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Misc
Region: UK

Loaded my game today to find all the undergrowth and rocks etc cleared by my base area effect had grown back, including through walls and foundations. Odd, but not killer. However, as I was extending my kitchen area, I’m unable to place next to existing building blocks, nothing locks in and says is overlapping. I’ve even destroyed existing foundations and am now unable to place over the resulting space which just moments ago had a foundation in it. I can build away from the base, but can’t align/snap to the existing structure. I’ve logged out and back again and no joy. Now have a massive hole in my walls and no way to plug it. With the regrowth in mind, it’s almost as if my base isn’t really there yet I can walk around it, open doors, interact with objects and craft stations, just can’t build on to it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The foliage growing back has been an issue since EA day one. I’ve just learned to build raising my foundations at max height and even going 2 high. As far as not snapping, that is weird. Try using an older save game from before you removed the foundation. In the save game folder just rename an older file to game.db
I am assuming you can do that on PS4

This is the same exact thing that happened to me. I’ll bet anything if you check with the repair hammer it says no owner on foundation walls etc. Yet shows you still own all workbenches. I started over and did a rebuild of database and have had 0 problems yet. But I was not able to find a fix No owner bug in single player

What do mean by rebuilding the database? This is on PS4 yes?

Oh and you’re right, no owner on the building parts. Weird.

Turn off the ps4. Hold down the power button until it beeps then it will say to connect the controller and push the ps button. Then it brings up a menu and rebuild database is one of the options. It’s basically defragging the hard drive. I would Google it first to make sure I gave the right instructions

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